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eric roberson

Eric Roberson

b. Eric Roberson, 25th September 1976, Rahway, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Eric Roberson hails from Rahway, New Jersey.

He is sometimes referred to by his nickname (his Christian and surname's first two letters) combining to make ‘Erro’.

The abbreviation provided the singer with his record company label name, Erro Records.

Eric released his first Warner Brothers single, ‘The Moon’ in 1994.

He went on to attend Howard University, finalising his studies in Musical Theatre.

Eric performed for a short period, before signing to EMI Records, and working with the likes of Jill ScottMusiq Soulchild, Vivian Green, Dwele and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

He contributed to Jazzy Jeff's debut album, ‘The Magnificent’ in 2002.

Eric then set up his aforementioned own label, Blue Erro Soul, where he released his own material from 2001 onwards (starting with his full-length debut, ‘Esoteric’ that year).

Eric RobersonEric RobersonEric RobersonEric Roberson

left - 2009 / music fan first - 2009 / mister nice guy - 2011 / the box - 2014

His album ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ (released in 2011) reached number 14 on Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

In 2016, he collaborated with the artist Phonte, on the album 'Tigallerro'.

Eric RobersonEric Roberson

tigallerro - 2016 / I have a song - 2016

He was nominated for two Grammys in the Best Urban category, and his song, ‘I Have A Song’ was chosen to be the fundraising single, in 2016, in the aim to see an installation of the first dedicated Commonwealth war memorial in the U.K. to African and Caribbean service men and women of both World War's.

The song was a collaboartion between Eric and Nubian Jak.

Eric RobersonEric RobersonEric Roberson

earth - wild - fire - 2017 e.p.'s

Eric chose not to release an album in 2017, deciding to release a series of 3 E.P.’s, titled ‘Earth’, ‘Wind’ and ‘Fire’.


Esoteric... (Blue Erro Soul Records 2001)

The Vault, Vol.1 (Blue Erro Soul Records 2003)

The Vault, Vol. 1.5 (Blue Erro Soul Records 2004)

The Appetizer (Blue Erro Soul Records 2005)

Erro Live Vol:DC (Blue Erro Soul Records 2006)

...Left (Blue Erro Soul Records 2007)

Music Fan First (Blue Erro Soul Records 2009)

Mister Nice Guy (Dome Records 2011)

The Box (Blue Erro Soul Records 2014)

Tigallerro (with Phonté) (HDB Label Group Records 2016)


Earth (Blue Erro Soul Records 2017)

Wind (Dome Records 2017)

Fire (Dome Records 2017)

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