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october london - color blind: hate and happiness / billy porter - billy porter presents the soul of richard rogers


October LondonBilly Porter


Hot on the heels of last years ‘mini album’, ‘Color Blind: Love’, Jared Samuel Erskine, a.k.a. October London, releases a second, similar format, release on the Snoop Dogg and Jazze Pha's Cadillacc Music imprint. To these ears, the second album (7 tracks on show here) is an improvement on last years fine offering. The subject matter has changed, and thus the rhythmic content, by this vocalist from South Bend, Indiana. What is hugely apparent, is how much respect this artist holds for the old school releases. He states himself ‘The idea of the mini album/EP stemmed from my love of old school music’, and that sentiment is very apparent here. To these old ears ‘One Shot to Love’ is a fine piece of Soul from back in the day (or so it seems), however, my personal favourite here, is the intensely political, ‘Where’s The Justice?’. Terrifically powerful tune, which has as much relevancy in todays society, as it would have been, had it been included on Marvin’s evergreen ‘What’s Going On’. Talking of which, another tune echoing that said album here, is the aptly titled ‘Dramatic’. More than a touch of ‘Inner City Blues’ going on here. I do hope this artist is given a long run in the recording studio, as this release has seen an evolvement in the artistry here, and that can only be a positive thing.


You can check out this album here: as a complete contrast, I would like to present to you an album of Richard Rogers show tunes! Yes, you heard me correctly, THAT Richard Rogers, of Rogers and Hammerstein fame! Toby has now completely lost the plot....or have I? I must confess as to not be too confident in liking this album before I took it out for a spin. One of the biggest threats in my life, is for someone to tell me they had just bought tickets for the latest Andrew Lloyd Weber musical in the West End! In fact, I would rather have my teeth extracted! :)) This CD, thus, went to the bottom of the listening pile, and I was then dragged kicking and screaming to the headphones, learning a huge lesson. Do NOT judge a book by the cover adorning it! Richard Rogers passed away in 1979, and yet, even he would probably never have envisaged this creative interpretation of many of his well known tunes, all of which I am sure he would have warmed to a great deal.


Billy Porter, himself, is a Tony and Grammy Award-winning actor, singer, director, composer and playwright. He hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has given much of this material a new lease of life. So how did he set about this task, of, say, making ‘I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair’, acceptable to a new audience? Well, to begin with, he needed the finest vocalists around who can make a song their own. For instance, every decent Soul fan knows Ledisi. She is one of the finest Soul and Jazz singers out there. Billy enlisted the likes of Cynthia Erivo, RenÈe Elise Goldsberry, Leslie Odom Jr., Patina Miller, Pentatonix, India.Arie, Brandon Victor Dixon, Joshua Henry, Christopher Jackson, Todrick Hall, Deborah Cox and Ledisi, herself. Each of these fine songsmiths have been given a brief to treat every song as if it was the first time they had heard the melodies. Musically, the interpretations are aligned someplace between the stylings of Quincy Jones, Take 6 and India Arie. Ledisi’s take on ‘Bewitched’ really surprised me, for instance. ‘Brushed up’ beautifully. Reworking’s of ‘Wash that Man’ are inspired, moving the melody from the main stage spotlight and positioning it slap bang in the middle of a Gospel Church on a Sunday morning! India Arie’s interpretation of ‘Caught, Taught’ is terrific. ‘I Have Dreamed’ (vocalised by Patina Miller), reminded me very much of ‘Q’s ‘Secret Garden’. I have never really taken to this song....but now I have. This may be an album full of ’Show Tunes’, however, I would substitute that description for, simply, ‘Tunes’. Huge and very pleasant surprise. Killer tune here? ‘My Romance’ by Leslie Odom Jnr., by the way.




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dara tucker - oklahoma rain


Dara Tucker


Dara Tucker’s last album, ‘The Sun Season’, I loved so much, I posted a review at the site back in 2014. Looking back on that set, it still resides in my iTunes folder here, with several tracks having 5 star ratings back at that time. Three years down the line, and this Tulsa based singer, is about to release her new album, ‘Oklahoma Rain’. Her people got directly in touch here, and sent me off to her YouTube channel, to listen to the new 45, ‘Radio’. Dara and I certainly sing from the same song sheet regarding our opinions of today’s radio situation, although vocally, I would certainly think she would win, vocally, hands down over this Lee Marvin-esque out of tune croak machine! :)) ‘Radio’ is a song about as radio friendly, melodic and optimistic a song as I have heard so far this year. You can hear her sing clearly, she articulates her music perfectly, and if radio wasn’t so unwell right now, she could have a pop hit on her hands here. Quite superb music, all told (and video). On the album the quality never drops. The title track reminded me, very slightly, of the Armsted Christian album from many years ago. To my ears, well, I wished every song that was sent here, was of this standard. Fine piece of songwriting


Back at the time of Dara’s last album, I mentioned she had performed alongside the likes of Dr. Lonnie Smith and Charlie Hunter. These sessions have really developed her sound, which has become mature and thoughtful. On this album, Dara is assisted by several fine musicians, including: Kevin Whalum (vocals), Greg Bryant (bass), Mason Embry (piano), Matt Endahl (piano) and DeMarco Johnson (harmonica) amongst a long list of very talented artists.

Personal track recommendations here include ‘Moving On’, ‘All I See Is Love’, ’Heartache’, ‘In The Game’, ‘Anytime Your Heart Breaks’ fact, I would recommend this album unreservedly. My wife said to me she really likes these songs, as she can hear exactly what the artist is singing! Hadn’t really thought about that, but I know what she means. Many of todays vocalists try for a ‘sound’ and try to hit every note in a melody, except the correct one’s! If the music simply flows and is true to itself, then the artist has identity. Dara has found her's. Hope that the wait between albums, in the future, is shorter, as this set was a very welcome visitor in this house. Comes highly recommended.


the track 'radio' is here:


pre-orders are here:


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soul basement - what we leave behind


Soul Basement


Italian producer and songwriter, Fabio Puglisi, sent me this new album from his Soul Basement group, which features singer (and spoken word) artist Jay Nemor. Fabio’s group have released material since 2004, whilst Jay saw an album release entitled ‘Just Sayin’ back in 2014. The combination between both of these artists has realised this new album, ‘What We Leave Behind’, which is out on ITI Records. Sometimes, with albums such as these, music leaves the listener wanting somewhat, however, the mixture of Jay’s ‘Cunnie Williams-esque’ vocal delivery, and the sympathetic rhythmic harmonies, really works a treat on this 8 tracker. The writings are reflective of my own political leanings, which are, in turn, articulated beautifully, none more so on the song ‘In Time’. ’Noise Pollution and ‘It’s Time' are also winners on this album, with my ‘cherry pick’ being the melodic ‘The Joy Inside’, which has echoes of the U-Nam collaborations with the Last Poets vocalist, Abiodun. All told, a hugely pleasant surprise (and sounding very good on my headphones here!


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brian owens and the deacons of soul - soul of ferguson


Brian Owens


2017 has certainly started out, as the year of the single. although albums are being released, the material has been, by and largely, there to support the 45. Maybe this has always been the case, however, I would recall albums in recent years, where the quality has been consistent throughout. Albums such as this little beauty, (along with recent releases by the likes of Oleta Adams and Charlie Wilson), are pushing against the tides a little. Ferguson, Missouri resident, Brian Owens album certainly does owe a great deal to the releases of 40 or 50 years ago on the R&B scene. If you are going to put together music of this style, it is best not to plagiarise the styles of previous generations, but take those influences, and merge your own designs into the project, and it is this aspect which makes this new album, such a charmer. Big thank you to Bill Buckley at for the pointers in this albums general direction. Musically, Brian teams up with his friend Michael McDonald for the project’s debut single ‘For You’. A great starting point for obtaining entrance into some of the best music I have listened to so far this year. I loved the opener ’So High’, a bright and optimistic starter, which leads me on to my favourite trio of songs, all of which are top drawer tunes, namely, ‘Beautiful Day’, ‘Pretty Fine Thing’ and the wonderful ‘Prayer For My Children’. Visually, Brian might be doing an impression of Marvin during his ‘Let’s Get It On’ era, however, the album is very much the recording artists vehicle here. Nine tracks that I think, if you are at this website right now, you will probably want and need. I think my only complaint regarding this album, is it simply isn’t long enough. Always a very positive criticism, as the listener is left wanting more. Check iTunes for an ‘invisible’ album, for a cd version from one of the bigger stores for a copy you can talk to!


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nathan east - reverence


Nathan East


Always nice when the years first, full quality album, arrives, and this year the honour falls on the shoulders of the Philadelphia Soul and Jazz bassist, Nathan East. Nathan Harrell East, (to give the man his full name), releases ‘Reverence’ for the Yamaha Music Communications imprint in 2017. The album features several cover versions of Soul and Jazz evergreen’s, and Nathan has enlisted the likes of Yolanda Adams, Philip Bailey, Ralph Johnson, Verdine White, Kirk Whalum, Ruben Studdard and Chick Corea. Ruben’s input on ‘Why Not This Sunday’ will probably see the greatest amount of airplay on show here, although my ‘cherry pick’ is the bright and breezy ‘The Mood I’m In’, featuring Nikki Yanofsky fine vocal delivery. Really could be described as a National Health Service ‘pick me up’, with melodic hints of Norah Jones going on in the writings someplace. Nathan’s work with Earth, Wind and Fire hasn’t been unrecognised as the man weighs in with some fine versions of ‘Lovers Holiday’ and ’Serpentine Fire’. I also quite like the instrumental track ’Shadow’ (which features Chick Corea). The albums ‘grower’ of a melody. Nice chunk of fusion here. Nathan has performed with many great artists including Anita Baker, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones and Elton John. His pedigree really shines through on this very agreeable album. Nice way to start a new year.


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some great new tracks...


Cornell CC CarterGordon ChambersSheila FordLuxury Soul


where do we go? (boogie back remix) - cornell 'cc' carter


the diamond inside/back to love - gordon chambers


la costa (reelsoul, dj spen & gary hudgins original latin soul mix) - sheila ford


i need you for your love - kim tibbs


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John Saltwell - Watching An Angel PB Mix



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rc and the gritz - 'lessons'




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