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the 3 pieces

3 Pieces

l to r: andre richardson, lincoln ross and jerry wilder

Formed in Washington D.C., U.S.A.

The 3 Pieces comprised of:

Andre Richardson (congas, percussion)

Lincoln Ross (keyboards, trombone) (ex: Static Disruptors)


Jerry Wilder (bass, lead vocals) (ex: Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers)

From Washington D.C., the 3 Pieces were signed to the Fantasy Records imprint.

3 Pieces

vibes of truth - 1975

The group released the album ‘Vibes Of Truth’ in 1975.

Produced by Professor Donald Byrd, the album featured Blackbyrds member, Orville Saunders (on the track ‘Shortnin' Bread’) and Ray Parker Jnr.

The keyboards player, Lincoln Ross, played the keyboards, electric piano, ARP synthesizer, and trombone solos.

Lincoln was a former student of Donald Byrd’s.

The album also featured the rare groove track ‘If Only I Could Prove To You’, along with ‘Backed Up Against The Wall’, ‘Concrete Jungle’ and ‘I Need You Girl’.

In 2010 BGP reissued the album on CD, adding historical liner notes.

3 Pieces

3 Pieces

Real Player


Vibes Of Truth (Fantasy Records 1975)

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