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arnold blair

Arnold Blair

b. 1948, U.S.A.

d. 16th May 1996, Holland Street, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

Arnold Blair was a singer/songwriter, who worked with Leroy Hutson, and was signed to Gemigo Records, during the early 1970's.


Leroy Hutson co-wrote , the rare groove classic, 'Trying To Get Next To You' in 1975.

At the time, Arnold attended Leroy’s rehearsals (and sang along with the melodies).

He became part of Leroy’s band (around a 12 piece group).

Arnold contributed background vocals to other records at the time, including albums by Ed Townsend.

Arnold later left the music industry and began working in Real Estate.

He was the President of the company, William White Real Estate.

Tragically, in May 1996, Arnold was found dead in a Dallas apartment. He had been murdered.

Arnold was 48 years old.

During his stay at Gemigo, Arnold recorded 4 sides with Leroy.

These were:

Arnold BlairArnold Blair

'Trying To Get Next To You' (Arnold Blair, Leroy Hutson) b/w 'I Won The Big Deal (This Time)' (Arnold Blair, Leroy Hutson) Gemigo Records 1975.

Arnold BlairArnold Blair

'Finally Made It Home' (Arnold Blair, Leroy Hutson, Michael Hawkins) b/w 'I Won The Big Deal (This Time)' (Arnold Blair, Leroy Hutson) - Triumph Records 1975.


‘Is It A Real Love’ - a 4th studio recording.

a huge thank you to leroy hutson for his help with this page

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