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Jazz Cafe


Since I set up this site, two and a half years ago, I have been lucky enough to be in contact with several artists, whose music I have bought over the years, who, due to the changes in the R & B market out there, have found it difficult to get their superior product released, especially in the States. Many want to tour the U.K. but don't know where the best places are or who to contact. Some would like their albums released here in the U.K. in order to stimulate their home markets. This page is my humble attempt to redress the imbalance. These great people deserve, at the very least, that....


Advanced Artist Development




UK Real Soul Record Labels


Expansion Records, 81 Crabtree Lane, London SW6 6LW t: 020 7381 8315

Ralph Tee and Richard Searlings label is, probably, the UK premiere soul music label. They have released product from many soul greats including Keni Burke and Angela Bofill.


Soul Brother Records, 1 Keswick Road, East Putney, London, SW15 t: 07000 768 527

Soul Brother are a great soul music retailer, who, over the last couple of years, have put together a label that, mainly focuses on re-releasing older rare albums and new 'organic' soul releases.


Dome Records, 59 Glenthorne Road, London, W6 0LJ. t: 020 8748 4499

Dome Records have a great artist line-up that includes Dennis Taylor and Beverlei Brown


Cafe De Soul Records, Warwick Towers, 445 Mansfield Road, Nottingham, NG5 2DQ

Vijay Mistry's label has released some fine product over the last couple of years. Their roster includes Michael Bohannon and Darrius. e:


Mr. Bongo Records, 2nd Floor, 24 Old Steine, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1EL. t: 01273 600 546

Mr. Bongo is an interesting label that releases soul and jazz albums. 2002 saw a new release from Terry Callier on the label.


Warner Brothers, Warner Building, 28 Kensington Church Street, London, W8 4EP t: 020 7368 2542

Warners may seem an odd inclusion here, however, they are re-releasing a great deal of their old back catalogue, which includes Leon Ware and Marcus Miller. Contact: Rick Conrad.


Unleash the 80's, 103 Mimms Hall Road, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, EN6 3DY t: 01707 647 923

Unleash the 80's are a new label that concentrate on the real soul sound of the 1980's. They released an excellent set by Vaneese Thomas recently.


Stonegroove Recordings, Tempo House, 15 Falcon Road, London SW11 2PJ t: 020 7228 6821

Stonegroove are a touch more 'urban', although they did release the excellent 'Sound Of Solar Radio' CD at the end of last year.


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For equipment and sound requirements


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UK Soul and Jazz Radio Stations


George Reid's Fresh Air Soul Show, Procurement Officer, The University Of Edinburgh, 13 Infirmary Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1LT. t: +44 0131 650 8035

George Reid's soul show goes out several times a year. It is streamed on the web. This is a very fine programme.


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U.K. Soul Recording Venues


The Grange


the grange


The Studio


the grange studio


Eric Bibb, Larry Johnson, Eugene Hideaway Bridges and Stan Webb have recorded here. Here is the itinery of equipment:


The Grange, Norfolk - Equipment List


Multitrack Machines
STUDER A827 gold series 2" 24 track
MCI JH16/24 211 16 track


Multi-track Synchronizer
Adams & Smith Zeta-Three


Stereo Machines
Studer A80 1/2"
Studer B67 V4"
Sony 2700A DAT machine
Sony CD Player
BBB CD Writer CD830 plus


Mixing Desk
Amek Rembrandt 80 channel in-line automated mixing console


Outboard Equipment
2 Rupert Neve 9098 Amek equalisers/mic pres
2 Rupert Neve 9098 Amek 2 channel mic pres
Rupert Neve 9098 Amek 2 channel compressorAimiter
Lexicon PCM 70 Reverb
Lexicon PCM 60 Reverb
Roland SRV 2000 Reverb
Yamaha SPX90 Multi-Effects Units
Lexicon LXPI Multi-Effects Unit
3 x: Trident 3-band Parametric EQ's
Summit EQP100 EQ
Drawmer Punch Gate
2 x Drawmer 201 Stereo Noise Gates
4 x: Urie ILA4 Compressors
Drawmer DL 221 Compressor
2 x: Roland SDE 3000 Digital Delays
2 x: Delta Lab DL2 Analogue Delay
Roland SRE 555 Chorus Echo
Aphex Aural Exciter


Variety of microphones including Neumann, AKG, Electro-voice, Beyer, Shure etc.


Tannoy Active Mains
NS1O Nearfield/Quad Amp


Yamaha Acoustic Piano


I am not being paid to advertise this. These are nice guys. They can even put you up here! Just thought you might like to know the place existed. U.K. number is +44 (0) 1760 756 394.

E-mail address for the place is:


U.S. Soul Recording Venues


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UK Soul and Jazz Venues


The Jazz Café, 5 Parkway, Camden Town, London, NW1 7PG. t: 020 7916 6060

This is the premier London venue for visiting American soul and jazz artists. A quality venue.


Dingwalls, Middle Yard, Camden Lock, London, NW1 8AB t: 020 7267 1577

Dingwalls is also based in Camden in London. Nice venue that saw Nathan Heathman and Norman Connors visit last year.


The Forum, 9-17 Highgate Road, London, NW5

The Forum is based in Kentish Town in London. This year will see Shalamar appearring. The link is to the Mean Fiddler ticket office.


Shepherds Bush Empire, Shepherds Bush, London. t: 0870 771 2000

This venue is popular amogst many U.S. artists. Ike Turner is appearring there as I write this.


Manchester Apollo 0161 242 2560, Brighton Dome 01273 709 709 and Birmingham Academy 0870 771 2000


Ocean, 270 Mare Street, Hackney, London, E8. t: 020 8533 0111


The Fridge, 1 Town Hall Parade, Brixton, London, SW2. t: 020 8674 4816

Very nice venue, in South London, that has seen visits from James Brown (amongst others) in the past.


Dutch Pot


The Dutch Pot

Very nice venue, in Shepherds Bush, London, run by U.K. soul singer Noel McKoy, featuring mainly acoustic sets. Artists who have appearred here include Tashan, Omar and Noel himself.


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Touring Contacts


Chew Entertainment

Vivian Scott Chew and her husband, the artist Ray Chew, brought Ledisi to London's Jazz Cafe in 2003.


Yellow Go-Rilla Productions Ltd, 52 Gover Court, Paradise Road, London, SW4 6QN t: 0207 720 5224

Yellow Go-Rilla brought to fruition Lesette Wilson's recent tour that culminated in a great show at the Jazz Cafe. Contact here is Dennis Armstead


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