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brother to brother

Brother To Brother

Bernadette Randle (keyboards)

Billy Jones (guitar, percussion)

Bobby Palino (drums)

Chuck Carrado (guitar)

Clarence Oliver

Yogi Horton (drums)

Craig Derry (congas)

Danny Lattuca (keyboards)

Jonathan Williams (bass)

Leslie Booker (bass)

Leslie Cunningham (saxophone)

Frankie Prescott


Michael Burton (vocals, songwriting, production) b. St. Louis, U.S.A.

Michael Burton formed Brother to Brother with studio musicians Billy Jones, Frankie Prescott, and Yogi Horton in 1974.

The group recorded Gil Scott-Heron's ‘The Bottle’ b/w ‘The Affair’ in 1974, reaching number nine on the R&B charts.

Brother To BrotherBrother To BrotherBrother To BrotherBrother To Brother

in the bottle - 1974 / let your mind be free - 1976 / shades in creation - 1977 / brother 2 brother - 1980

Follow up 45’s included ‘Every Nigger Is A Star’ b/w ‘Mother Earth’ (in 1974), ‘Let Your Mind Be Free’ b/w ‘Let Your Mind Be Free (Instrumental)’ (in 1975), ‘Chance With You’ b/w ‘Joni’ (in 1976), and ‘Leavin' Me’ b/w ‘Phatternin' (in 1977).

'The Bottle' was the only single of their releases for Turbo that achieved any notable success.

The group released 3 albums for Turbo Records (‘In The Bottle’, in 1974, ‘Let Your Mind Be Free’, in 1976, and ’Shades In Creation’ in 1977), before the group switched to Sylvia Robinson’s Sugar Hill Records imprint in 1980.

Real Player


In The Bottle (Turbo Records 1974)

Let Your Mind Be Free (Turbo Records 1976)

Shades In Creation (Turbo Records 1977)

Brother 2 Brother (Sugar Hill Records 1980)

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