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central line

Central Line

Central Line were a London based Soul group, who were popular during the early Eighties. The group were formed in April 1978, and comprised of:

Steve Salvari (vocals, keyboards)

Camelle Hinds (vocals, bass, b. Camelle Hinds, 15th November 1957, Ipswich, Suffolk, England.)

Lipson Francis (vocals, keyboards)

Henry Defoe (vocals, guitar)

Jake Le Mesurier (drums, d. 1990's, U.K.)


Linton C. Beckles (vocals, percussion, b. 1956, U.K. d. April 2015, U.K.)

Central Line released three albums, between 1981 and 1983, for the Mercury Records imprint.

From these albums, the group achieved several (Roy Carter produced) hit singles in the States and in the U.K.

These included ‘You Know) You Can Do It’, ‘Walking Into Sunshine’, ‘Don’t Tell me’, ‘You’ve Said Enough’, ‘Nature Boy’ and ‘Surprise Surprise’, all of which reached the Top 75 or higher.

Formed in March 1978, Central Line were signed to Mercury Records in 1979.

The original founding members were Steve Salvari, Camelle Hinds, Lipson Francis and Henry Defoe.

Central Line

Four of the group members were formerly in the group, TFB (Typical Funk Band), whose line-up featured Steve Salvari, Camelle Hinds, Lipson Francis, Henry Defoe and Errol Kennedy.

Other members from TFB went on to form part of another Brit Funk group, Light Of The Worlds.

TFB’s drummer was Errol Kennedy, who became part of the group, Imagination.

The group changed their name, in 1979, to Central Line, a reflection of the various band members musical influences coming together.

At this time Jake Le Mesurier had become part of the group.

Central Line went on to tour with the likes of Roy Ayers, Grover Washington, Fat Larry's Band and The Real Thing.

They also made an appearence on BBC Television's, ‘Linda Lewis' Roadshow’.

Steve Salvari left Central Line in 1980 and went on to collaborate with several musicians, including Barry White, Robert Palmer and Sheena Easton.

Central LineCentral Line

central line - 1981 / breaking point - 1981

In 1981, Central Line released the single ‘Walking into Sunshine’ which sold well in the United States, and became a U.K. Top 40 hit.

‘Nature Boy’ followed in 1982, reaching the Top 25 in the U.K. that year.

Central LineCentral Line

walking into sunshine - 1981 / choice - 1983

Central Line disbanded in 1984.

Camelle Hinds went on to form the group Hindsight with Henry Defoe (who achieved some success with the single ’Small Change’).

He is a teacher at the London Centre of Contemporary Music, currently.

Jake Le Mesurier passed away in the Nineties from an accidental drug overdose.

Lipson Francis and Linton Beckles dedicated themselves to the church from the early Nineties.

Linton Beckles

linton beckles

Linton, sadly passed away in April 2015. He was 59.

Errol Kennedy / Steve Salvari

errol kennedy and steve salvari

Steve Salvari still works in the music industry as a record producer.

Central Line

Real Player


Central Line (Mercury Records 1981)

Breaking Point (Mercury Records 1982)

Choice (Mercury Records 1983)

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