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fat larry's band

Fat Larry's Band

The group comprised:

'Fat' Larry James (b. 2nd August 1949, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. d. 5th December 1987, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.) (drums)

Art Capehart (trumpet, flute)

Jimmy Lee (trombone, saxophone)

Doug Jones (saxophone)

Erskine Williams (keyboards)

Ted Cohen (guitar)

Larry LaBes (bass)


Darryl Grant (percussion)

'Fat' Larry James formed this group in 1976, in Philadelphia following his spell as a back-up musician for the Delfonics and Blue Magic.

They released eight albums at WMOT Records, Stax, Fantasy, Virgin and Omni Records.

Fat Larry's BandFat Larry's BandFat Larry's BandFat Larry's Band

feel it - 1976 / off the wall - 1977 / spacin' out - 1978 / lookin' for love - 1979

Fat Larry's BandFat Larry's BandFat Larry's BandFat Larry's Band

stand up - 1980 / breakin' out - 1982 / straight from the heart - 1983 / nice - 1986

'Fat' Larry James

'Fat' Larry James - 1986

Fat Larry's Band

Real Player


Feel It (WMOT Records 1976)

Off The Wall (Stax Records 1977)

Spacin' Out (Fantasy Records 1978)

Lookin' For Love (Fantasy Records 1979)

Stand Up (Fantasy Records 1980)

Breakin' Out (WMOT Records 1982)

Straight From The Heart (Virgin Records 1983)

Nice (Omni Records 1986)

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