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fred hughes

Fred Hughes

b. Fred Henry Hughes, Arkansas, U.S.A.

Fred Hughes is an R&B singer, songwriter and producer.

He is, sometimes, confused with the Soul singer, Freddie Hughes.

Born in Arkansas, Fred relocated to Compton, California as a young man.

His first recordings were recorded whilst he was still a student at Compton High School.

In 1962, Fred was a member of the group The Cymbals.

He, later, was a member of a band, the Creators.

Fred’s first sides were recorded at the Vee-Jay imprint during the Sixties.

Fred HughesFred Hughes

oo wee baby, I love you b/w love me baby - 1965 / we've got love b/w I keep tryin' - 1966

In 1965, he released the singles, ‘Oo Wee Baby, I Love You’ b/w ‘Love Me Baby’ (which reached number 3 R&B and number 23 Pop) and ‘You Can't Take it Away’ b/w ‘My Heart Cries Oh’ (which reached the Top 20 on the R&B charts, number 96 pop).

When Vee-Jay folded Fred released a couple of singles for the Exodus imprint (‘As Long As We Are Together’ b/w ‘Walk On Back To You’ in 1966, and ‘We've Got Love’ b/w ‘I Keep Tryin’ in 1966), followed by a couple of further sides for Cadet Records (‘Come Home Little Darlin' b/w ‘Can't Make It Without You’ in 1967, and ‘Baby Don't Go’ b/w ‘Love Is Ending’ in 1968).

In 1969, Fred signed to Chicago’s, Brunswick Records, releasing ‘Baby Boy’ b/w ‘Who You Really Are’ (which reached number 25) and ‘I Understand’ b/w ‘Oo Wee Baby I Love You’ (which reached number 45 on the R&B charts).

Fred Hughes

A parent album was released the same year, entitled ‘Baby Boy’.

Fred still lives in Compton but has not worked in music industry since the 1970’s.

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Vee-Jay 684 - Oo Wee Baby, I Love You / Love Me Baby - 1965

Vee-Jay 703 - My Heart Cries Oh / You Can't Take It Away - 1965

Vee-Jay 718 - Don't Let Me Down / My Heart Cries Oh – 1966

Exodus 1036 - As Long As We Are Together / Walk On Back To You – 1966

Exodus 2006 - We've Got Love / I Keep Tryin' – 1966

Exodus 2009 - As Long As We Are Together / Walk On Back To You – 1967

Cadet 5579 - Come Home Little Darlin' / Can't Make It Without You – 1967

Cadet 5616 - Baby Don't Go / Love Is Ending – 1968

Brunswick 55419 - Baby Boy / Who You Really Are – 1969

Brunswick 55439 - Oo Wee Baby I Love You / I Understand – 1970

Brunswick 55446 - Don't Let This Happen To Us / In My Time Of Need - 1971

Hip Star 1013 - Take Me As I Am / (Instrumental)


Baby Boy (Brunswick Records 1969)

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