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georgie fame

Georgie Fame

b. Clive Powell, 26th June 1943, 1 Cotton Street, Leigh, Lancashire, England

Georgie Fame’s career has spanned six decades.

He is an established Jazz vocalist and keyboard player, a recognised Blue-Eyed Soul/R&B artist, and a charting pop star in his own right (achieving three number one singles early on in his career).

His number one singles included ‘Get Away’, Yeh, Yeh’ and ‘The Ballad Of Bonnie & Clyde’ between 1964 and 1967.

Born Clive Powell in Leigh in Lancashire, a young Georgie learned the keyboards whilst still at school.

On leaving school, Georgie worked in a cotton weaving mill.

During the evenings, he played piano in a group called the Dominoes.

The Blue Flames

the blue flames in 1959

For a while he worked at a Butlins Holiday Camp in North Wales as a band leader for Rory Blackwell (a rock n’roll performer).

Georgie relocated to London, when he was 16.

Under the management of Larry Parnes, Georgie was instructed (by Parnes) to change his stage name and began touring with several U.K. based acts.

Some of these artists included the rockabilly artist Joe Brown, along with rock n rollers, Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran.

Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames

with the blue flames

Georgie played keyboards for many of these artists, one of whom was Billy Fury, whose own band were called the Blue Flames.

When the Blue Flames became surplus to requirements, Georgie created his own band, featuring the band members.

Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames went on to became a mainstay of U.K. R&B at that time.

Many of Georgie’s earliest influences came from Black Music.

Whether the artistical influence was Jimmy Smith, Booker T, Gene Ammons, Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes or a genre such as Ska, Georgie’s influences merged into his own version of R&B.

The group took up a residency at the Flamingo Club, in London’s Soho.

Georgie FameGeorgie FameGeorgie FameGeorgie Fame

rhythm and blues at the flamingo - 1964 / fame at last - 1964 / hall of fame - 1965 / yeh yeh - 1965

In September 1963 Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames recorded their debut album, ‘Rhythm And Blues at the Flamingo’, live at the Flamingo Club.

In 1964, the album’s follow-up, ‘Fame at Last’, reached No. 15 on the U.K. album chart.
The group appeared on the Pop show ‘Ready, Steady Go’ the same year.

Georgie Fame

Georgie’s manager, Ronan O'Rahilly, tried to promote the album on Radio Luxembourg, but without success, so he set up his own station, which later became Radio Caroline.

Georgie’s 1964 album ‘Hall Of Fame’ featured ‘Getaway’, ‘Yeh, Yeh’, ‘Sitting In The Park’, along with his own take on the Spinners hit ‘Sweet Thing’.

Georgie FameGeorgie FameGeorgie FameGeorgie Fame

get away - 1966 / sound venture - 1966 / sweet things - 1966 / the two faces of fame - 1967

‘Sweet Things’ became the title track of a further release in 1966, which also featured his own versions of Smokey Robinson’s song, ’My Girl’ and Don Covay’s tune, ’See Saw’.

1965 Motown Tour

motown tour 1965

His three number one’s were complemented by some fine releases, including ‘In The Meantime’, which charted on both sides of the Atlantic.

When ‘Get Away’ reached number one in 1966, he and the Blue Flames went their seperate ways.

Georgie’s version of the Bobby Hebb tune ‘Sunny’, reached number 13 in the U.K. charts in 1966.

He also released his own take on the Billy Stewart classic ‘Sitting in the Park’, which reached number 12 on the national charts.

Georgie Fame

The album ‘Sound Venture’ featured Georgie’s cover version of James Brown’s ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag’.

The Soulful influences within his music made Georgie something of a hero on the Mod Scene in the U.K.

Georgie’s final number one single ‘The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde’, was released in 1967.

Both ‘Yeh Yeh’ and ‘The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde’ sold over one million copies worldwide.

Georgie FameGeorgie FameGeorgie FameGeorgie Fame

the third face of fame - 1967 / seventh son - 1969 / georgie does his thing with strings - 1969 / going home - 1971

Georgie’s final Sixties album ‘Seventh Son’ featured the popular dancer ’Somebody Stole My Thunder’.

At the beginning of the Seventies, Georgie teamed up with (the ex keyboard player with the group The Animals), Alan Price.

The duo charted with the single ‘Rosetta’ in 1971.

A solo album release, entitled ‘Going Home’ featured the popular track ‘Peaceful’, along with his own take on the song ’Stormy’.

By 1974, the Blue Flames had reunited with Georgie.

The group began performing with big bands and orchestra’s.

Georgie FameMondo Kane

daylight b/w three legged mule - 1977 / new york afternoon - mondo kane

In 1977, Georgie released his own version of the Bobby Womack song ‘Daylight’ for the Island Records imprint.

In 1986, Georgie appeared on a single for the group Mondo Kane, singing vocals on their version of the Richie Cole song ’New York Afternoon’.


In recent years, Georgie still tours.

He has been part of Van Morrison’s group, working on most of Van’s album’s between 1989 and 1997 (including 1989’s ‘Avalon Sunset’).

After 1997, Georgie began working with the Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman, with his new group the Rhythm Kings.

By 2000, He had signed to Ben Sidran's Go Jazz label.

Georgie was a special guest on Van’s television concert show on BBC Four during 2008.

Georgie has collaborated with the likes of Count Basie, Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters and Joan Armatrading during his career.

Georgie & Terry

with the late terry wogan

He is often seen performing at Ronnie Scott's night club in Soho, and at various gigs around the U.K.

Georgie Fame

Georgie Fame

Real Player


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