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geraldine hunt

Geraldine Hunt

b. Geraldine Milligan, 10th February 1945, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.

d. 27th October 2022, U.S.A.

Geraldine Hunt is a highly regarded Soul singer, popular on the Northern Soul and the Disco circuit respectively.

Born in St. Louis, Geraldine’s family relocated to Chicago when she was only two years old.

Her parents were Rosie Lee Vickers and Frank Milligan, who were both musicians.

Their neighbourhood in Chicago was a very tough place of residence.

Geraldine attended the Hyde Park High School, along with Minnie Riperton (who was also Geraldine’s good friend).

Other attendee’s at the school were the women who comprised the group Coffee (Dee Dee Bryant, Elaine Sims and Gwen Hester, who later recorded a version of the Ruby Andrews song ’Casanova’ in 1980).

Geraldine HuntGeraldine Hunt

'i let myself go' b/w 'i wish i had listened' - 1962 / 'two can live cheaper than one' b/w 'he's for real' - 1964

Geraldine’s first 45’s were recorded for the Katron and U.S.A. imprints in 1962.

These were ‘I Let Myself Go’ b/w ‘I Wished I Had Listened’ and ‘Sneak Around’ b/w ‘It Never Happened Before’.

Geraldine Hunt

Geraldine released further sides on U.S.A., going on to record for Bombay Records (‘(A Big Lie) Two Can Live Cheaper Than One’ b/w ‘He's For Real’ in 1964) and ABC (‘Winner Take All’ b/w ‘For Lovers Only’ in 1966).

At the start of the Seventies, Geraldine began recording material at Roulette Records.

Geraldine Hunt

These sides brought Geraldine to the attention of Northern Soul fans, and included: ‘Never, Never Leave Me’ b/w ‘Push, Sweep’ (in 1970), ‘Now That There's You’ b/w ‘Shades Of Blue’ (in 1971), ‘Baby, I Need Your Loving’ b/w ‘Cry, Cry, Cry’ (in 1972), ‘Cold Blood’ b/w ‘Just Believe In Me’ (in 1972), ‘You Brought Joy’ b/w ‘Shades Of Blue’ (in 1973) and ‘You Brought Joy b/w ‘You Brought Joy’ (in 1977.

After 1975, Geraldine began working in Montreal, Canada with the producer Tony Green.

Geraldine HuntGeraldine Hunt

sweet honest - 1978 / no way - 1980

She recorded for the TGO and Prism imprints, releasing two albums, namely ‘Sweet Honesty’ in 1978, and ‘No Way’ in 1980.

The latter album featured her dance hit ‘Can't Fake The Feeling’ (which reached number 1 on Billboard’s club chart).

During her career she recorded for several labels, including Katron, Checker, U.S.A., Bombay, ABC, Calla, Roulette, Atlantic, Prism, Uniwave and Red Rock.

Geraldine Hunt

Geraldine was the mother of the singer Freddie James (born in Chicago) and Rosalind Hunt (one half of the girl group Cheri, along with Amy Roslyn, born in Montreal).

She died in October 2022 at the age of 77.

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Sweet Honesty (TGO Records 1978)

No Way (Prism Records 1980)

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