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hearts of stone

Hearts Of Stone

hearts of stone comprised of:

John Myers (baritone)

Lindsey Griffin (first tenor and baritone)

Floyd Lawson (lead)


Carl Cutler (lead tenor)

Hearts of Stone comprised of four vocalists, who recorded one album, namely, the Henry Cosby produced, ‘Stop The World - We Wanna Get On’.

The group originally hailed from Philadelphia.

Their only album release was recorded for the Motown subsidiary V.I.P., and realized the single releases ‘If I Could Give You The World’ b/w 'You Gotta Sacrifice' (written by the group members) and ‘It’s A Lonesome Road’ b/w 'Yesterday's Love is Over' (co-penned with Hank Cosby).

5 Pennies

5 pennies c. 1956 (l to r: james myers, herbert myers, benjamin washington, john myers & charles holloway)

John Myers, in an earlier incarnation, was part of the early Fifties ensemble, the 5 Pennies, along with his brothers James and Herbert.

The 5 Pennies started out singing under the name the Echoes, but changed their name towards the middle of that decade.

They also recorded under the later names of the Chimes and the Larks in the mid Sixties.

The group were later to become the Four Pennies, whose line-up comprised the Hearts Of Stone group members (becoming the Hearts Of Stone in 1970).

Stop The World

stop the world - i wanna get on - 1970

The Four Pennies recorded an earlier version of ‘If I Could Give You The World’ (entitled ‘'Give You The World' b/w ‘Push Girl'), which has recently become popular on the U.K. Northern Soul circuit.

Recording for the Brunswick imprint, the group released the singles ‘You Have No Time To Lose’ b/w ‘You're A Gas With Your Trash’ (in 1966) and ’Tis The Season’ b/w ‘Shake A Hand’ (in 1967).

John Myers was part of other vocal groups throughout that period, as were his brothers, who recorded with the group, the Four Jokers.

Following the 1970 album release, the Hearts Of Stone travelled to Philadelphia’s Uptown Theater, later returning to their familiar Northeastern club circuit.

The Hearts Of Stone went their separate ways after the V.I.P. album release, seeing John moving from a secular style of music into the gospel field.

More recently, Carl Cutler (who still resides in Philadelphia), was still performing with a version of the Hearts Of Stone into the 2000’s reportedly.

Real Player


Stop The World - We Wanna Get On (V.I.P. Records 1970)

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