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kindred the family soul

Kindred The Family Soul

Kindred the Family Soul are a Soul vocal duo, who are also husband and wife.

The duo comprise of:

Fatin Dantzler


Aja Graydon

Fatin and Aja released their first album in 2003, and have released material, on a regular basis since their debut.

Hailing from Philadelphia, the duo were originally bookmarked by the business as ’Neo-Soul’ performers, however, in recent years, they have been associated with the Modern Soul scene.

The songstress, Jill Scott, discovered them whilst the couple were performing at the Black Lily Film & Music Festival.

Kindred The Family SoulKindred The Family SoulKindred The Family SoulKindred The Family Soul

surrender to love - 2003 / in this life together - 2005 / the arrival - 2008 / love has no recession - 2011

Signing to the same label Jill was signed to, namely, Hidden Beach Recordings, they released their debut album ‘Surrender to Love’ in 2003.

The album featured the songs ‘Stars’ and ‘Far Away.

In 2005, Kindred released ‘In This Life Together’, which featured ‘Where Would I Be (The Question)’.

In 2008 they released ‘The Arrival’ on Hidden Beach, which featured ‘Hey’.

The couple then signed to the U.K. Expansion Records (U.S. Shanachie) imprint for ‘Love Has No Reccession’, which featured ‘Magic Happen’.

Kindred The Family SoulKindred The Family Soul

a couple friends - 2014 / legacy of love - 2016

In 2014, they released, perhaps, their strongest album to date, entitled ‘A Couple Friends’, which featured the single ‘Everybody’s Husting’, along with ‘Loving The Night’, ‘Never Loved You More’ and ‘Drop The Bomb On Me’.

Kindred were nominated for a Soul Train Music Award for Best R&B/Soul Album, Group Band or Duo in 2004.

Real Player


Surrender to Love (Epic Records 2003)

In This Life Together (Sony Records 2005)

The Arrival (Hidden Beach Records 2008)

Love Has No Recession (Expansion Records 2011)

A Couple Friends (Shanachie Records 2014)

Legacy Of Love (We Are Not A Label Records 2016)

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