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mike and the censations

Mike & The Censations

lonnie (?), mike and robert

Mike & The Censations comprised of:

Michael James Kirkland, b. 1949, Yazoo City, Mississippi, U.S.A.

Robert Kirkland, b. Yazoo City, Mississippi, U.S.A.


Lonnie (?)

Robert Kirkland and brother of Mike James Kirkland formed Mike and the Censations at the outset of the Seventies.

Michael James Kirkland

Previously, the group were a U.S. doo-wop influenced soul group in the mid 1960s called the Seven Seals, formed and led by Mike James Kirkland and Robert (Bob Kirkland), and their sister and her husband.

Formerly from Mississippi in a local gospel act, the Seven Seals, along with his two brothers, Walter and Robert, had relocated to Los Angeles around 1956.

Robert Kirkland

robert kirkland

Mike had a bet with his brother Robert, that they could cut a song as good as any Motown record, (in the winter of 1965), Mike & the Censations recorded their first official release ‘Victim Of Circumstance’ b/w 'Victim Of Circumstance Pt. 2'.

A self-released record on Robert's Bryan Records label. The single made the top 50 of the R&B Charts.

The group released a further 6 singles up until 1970, for the Higland and Revue imprints.

In 1972, Michael James Kirkland released the album 'Hang On In There', which was followed by 'Doin' It Right' the following year (both on Bryan Records).

Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis

bo kirkland & ruth davis

Robert simplified his name to 'Bo' for the one Claridge Records album, in which he was half of the duo Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis.

The label boss, Frank Slay, combined the two singers for this album.

The initial single release, ‘Grandfather Clock’ reached number 80 on the R&B charts in 1975.

In 1976, ‘You’re Gonna Get Next To Me’ became a big hit on the Modern Soul circuit at the time.

Real Player


as: Michael James Kirkland - Hang On In There (Bryan Records 1972)

as: Michael James Kirkland - Doin' It Right (Bryan Records 1973)

as: Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis - Bo & Ruth (Claridge Records 1976)

as: Ruth Davis - Heaven (Rushare Records 1983)

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