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peter young



Peter Young


with tony hancock (in spirit)


peter's leaving doo


peter passed away in november 2018....these were my texts on the respect page at the site


peter young


Peter Young


b. 12th August 1951, London


d. 1st November 2018, West London


I must confess to being a little confused and distracted right now. I never thought I would be writing an obituary for a good friend on these pages, but today, this is the case. My friend, Peter Young, has died.


Running this page on Soulwalking, is a bit like being a librarian at times. There’s an urge to remember those who pass away, and who have given so much to Black Music. These guys ought to be remembered for their service. Every now and then, the matter becomes something very close to home. That is bound to be the case, especially, if the person who has passed, has become something of a family friend. Whether behind the mike, or sitting at a turntable, the contributions of musicians and deejays are equally as important. One perpetuates the other, and we all are very much culturally the better for this.


I have been traveling to and from a couple of hospitals in North West London, over the last 18 months or so, to see Peter, who had good and bad days when I was there. Sometimes he fell asleep. Other times, he was confused and frustrated.


The thing with life and death situations, are that, the ‘life’ aspect is something of a breeze. You arrive, the nurses tell you what to do, what to eat, what to wear, the best type of bed to sleep in etc......however....the ‘death’ part of the journey is far more complex. There is no manual, or no person to guide you. My first thought, when I heard PY has passed, was ‘I could have done more’. Guilt, all told. I loved the man, and I hated to see the way he was, whenever I visited. I did take him some of the latest music during his stay in hospital. I liked to play material to him, through an iPad into a small speaker, which he held onto tightly. For many of the songs, PY said he wanted to play these on his show, and he wanted to get back on the radio as soon as possible.


I seem to remember writing here previously, that Stevie Wonder once stated that ‘the most valuable thing anyone person can give to another, is their time’. Peter’s partner Elaine gave him the most valuable gift in this case. She was tireless in her support through some very dark days. A superb woman, all told.


Many of the other deejays, Peter had become friends and colleagues with over the years, were also quite superb. I was asked at one stage, whether one friend who had visited, had wasted their time, as Peter was asleeep all the time they were there. The truth of the matter, I told him, was the fact that he had taken time to go visit, and that was a gift in itself. Something PY appreciated he told me.


I have been friends with PY for around 25 years or so. Firstly, as a fan, and later, as a good friend. He sent me his playlists, which I posted, and I sent him musical suggestions for his show. I will miss is humour, and I have in recent years, missed the ‘sound-board’ the man became, as new music arrived here. He turned me onto many tunes, which now have pride of place here. I think I returned the favour in my own small way. We made a good team.


Peter Young


py with grace in 2007


My wife and daughter, Julie and Grace will both really miss PY. He became like a father figure to Grace throughout her childhood. He was a very thoughtful man, who came along to her shows, and cried when I recently showed him one of her recent video recordings.


PY. A very kind, generous and thoughtful man, as I have already mentioned.....and a very, very funny man, who I will never forget.


This is one tune, (below), which Peter turned me on to, and I know this single was one of his absolute favourites.




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Peter YoungPeter Young


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...some playlists from 2010 onwards... soul cellar tribute...


.....previously posted.....


Peter Young was, for a long time, been a favourite deejay of mine.

At Jazz FM he was one of the few people who played 'Northern Soul' on London's airwaves.

Prior to PY's tenure at Jazz FM, Peter was part of the team at Capital Radio in London during the Seventies and Eighties.


Capital Radio


Capital Radio circa 1976:


l to r: Adrian Love, David Briggs, Maggie Norden, Tony Myatt, Graham Dene, Ian Davidson, Promotion Woman, Roger Scott, Bryan Wolfe, Jane Walmsley and Peter Young



Following his first stay at Jazz FM, Peter moved to BBC LDN 94.9 FM.

After his move to the Beeb, Jazz FM called Peter 'out of the blue' and asked him to return to the station for a resumption of his show that contains the now legendary 'Soul Cellar'.

The first show commenced at 1p.m. on Sunday 26th January 2003 (later moving to 2p.m. on the 7th of March 2004).

By October of 2003, he was asked to extend the Soul Cellar an additional half an hour by the stations management.

In May 2005, PY played his last Soul Cellar at Jazz FM, before moving to 'Smooth FM' in June 2005, which is the same station, but ran under a different banner.

By 2007, the station changed ownership, PY was asked if he would continue the legendary Soul Cellar, which he agreed to.

In 2008, the Cellar was discontinued for a short while.

The shows, at that point, were broadcast every Saturday between 5 and 8 p.m.


Peter Young, sadly passed away on the 1st of November 2018.



Keith and Dave


py's personal personal tributes page is here


Jazz FM


Peter Young Show
Jazz FM
Saturday 4th March 2017

2-3pm: ‘Songs of Stevie'


Roberta Flack - Don't Make Me Wait Too Long 
Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway - You Are My Heaven 
 Isley Brothers - My Love Is Your Love (Forever) 
 The Contours - Just A Little Misunderstanding 
Syreeta - To Know You Is To Love You 
Frank McComb - Golden Lady 
Stevie Wonder - You Haven't Done Nothin' 
Ramsey Lewis - Spring High 
 Betty Wright - What Are You Going To Do With It 
Jermaine Jackson - Let's Get Serious


3-4pm: 'A Tribute To Al Jarreau'


Freddie Hubbard feat. Al Jarreau - Little Sunflower 
Joe Sample feat. Al Jarreau - Somehow Our Love Survives 
Seawind feat. Al Jarreau - He Loves You 
Deodato feat. Al Jarreau - Double Face 
Bob James & David Sanborn feat. Al Jarreau - Since I Fell For You 
Al Jarreau - Tell Me What I Gotta Do 
Al Jarreau - Spirit 
Al Jarreau - One Note Samba 
Al Jarreau - Scootcha Booty




Ella Fitzgerald - Can't Buy Me Love 
 Quincy Jones - Hicky Burr 
Marc Staggers - Keep Those Fires Burning 
Carmen Lundy - Have A Little Faith 
Rick Braun feat. Lindsey Webster - Love Take Me
Simon Law feat. Caron Wheeler - Morning Love 
CeCe Winans - Hey Devil 
George Anderson - Festival De La Vida 
Robert Glasper Experiment - Day To Day 
Chip Wickham - Sling Shot


5-6pm: 'Soul Cellar'


The Chiffons - He's So Fine 
The Fiestas - So Fine 
The Ikettes - Fine, Fine, Fine 
Syl Johnson - Ms. Fine Brown Frame 
Nellie Lutcher - Fine Brown Frame 
Bobby Garrett - I Can't Get Away 
Doris Troy - I'll Do Anything 
Don Covay - You've Got Me On The Critical List 
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels - Jenny Take A Ride 
Major Lance - Um Um Um Um Um Um 
Ike & Tina Turner - Reconsider Baby 
Lowell Fulson - My Aching Back 
Gene Chandler - There Was A Time 
Jerry Butler - Make It Easy On Yourself 
Barbara Lewis - I Remember The Feeling


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Huffington Post article 2014:


Huffington Post


click on the page image above (pdf version here)


'Message from Peter Young:
I’m delighted to announce that I’m part of the lineup on the new Jazz FM. The show is on Saturday afternoon from
2-6pm. It will feature all the goodness that Black Music has to offer – a hot selection of Jazz, Blues, Rhythm ‘n’ Blues, Soul and Gospel – old and new. ‘The Soul Cellar’ is back in the last hour from 5 - 6pm.
More details on how to hear the new Jazz FM at:
Thanks as always for your loyalty and support

Peter Young (25th September 2008)


Blues and Soul

Blues and Soul article (click on the image above)


Radio Times


BBC Radio Times article - February 2010


PY Times Article


The Times Newspaper 17.7.2010 Recommended DAB Radio


Betty Wright & PY


PY with betty wright


Alan 'Fluff' Freeman, PY, Charlie Gillett and Gary Crowley


Alan 'Fluff' Freeman, PY, Charlie Gillett and Gary Crowley here to go to Mary & Chris Payne's website that showcases the history of 1960's offshore station, Radio London...

...or click here to see some soul imagery...


Radio London


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