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r.b. hudmon

R.B. Hudmon

b. Robert B. Hudmon Jr. (a.k.a. R.B. Hudman), 6th August 1954, West Point, Georgia, U.S.A.

d. 25th August 1995, U.S.A.

R.B. Hudmon was a child star in the sixties, however, is probably best remembered for his one 1978 Cotillion album entitled ‘Closer To You’.

Robert B Hudmon Jr was born in 1954 at West Point, Georgia.

R.B. Hudmon

He began singing as a child, and during his mid teens, he had relocated to Atlanta and had begun a recording career with writers and producers, Bill Lowery and Joe South.

Robert released his debut 45 for the Tomahawk imprint, entitled ‘Send Your Boy A Letter’ b/w ‘I'm A Roller’ in 1967.

He recorded a follow up single for the A&M imprint, entitled ‘Yo-Yo’ b/w ‘Naughty Claudie’ in 1968.

He recorded sides for the 123 imprint, including ‘Hole In Your Soul’ b/w ‘Standing Invitation’ in 1968, and ‘Look At Granny Run Run’ b/w ‘Standing Invitation’ in 1969.

He was then picked up by Atlantic Records in 1975, for 3 singles (‘How Can I Be A Witness’, ‘Whatever Makes You Happy’ and ‘This Could Be The Night’, the latter a track which would appear on his 1978 album release).

Robert was switched to Atlantic’s subsidiary, Cotillion, where he released two singles, namely ‘Cause You’re Mine Now’ b/w ‘Can't You See I Love You’ and ‘I'm Everything You Need’ b/w ‘Bringing You Your Love’ in 1978.

By the time ‘Closer To You’ was released, several of the 45’s were included on the album.

Robert departed Atlantic, and released a further 45 for Nite-Life records in 1983, entitled ‘Searching For Your Love’.

In 1986 he released an independent single for R&B Records entitled ‘I Could Paint A Picture’.

In 1989, Robert released a final 45 for the Gold key imprint, entitled ‘Your Man Is Home Tonite’.

Robert sadly passed away on the 25 August 1995 at the age of 41.

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Closer To You (Cotillion Records 1978)

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