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rick holmes

Rick Holmes

b. Richard Arthur Holmes, Jr. (a.k.a. Rick), 21st April 1936, Knoxville, Tennessee, U.S.A.

d. 21st August 2015, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Rick Holmes hailed from Knoxville, Tennessee.

The radio deejay achieved success in the States and the U.K. via a collaboration with Roy Ayers, in 1981, for his 12” single ‘Remember To Remember’ b/w ‘To The Unknowledgeable One’ for the Blue Mink Records imprint.

Stateside soul radio listeners will know of Rick’s, Los Angeles based, radio shows for KBCA and KJLH stations.

Born in 1936 to Clara Sams-Holmes and Richard Arthurs Holmes, Sr., Rick spent his early years in Knoxville.

He served in the United States Navy, later relocating to Los Angeles.

Rick initially worked for the US Postal Service, which enabled him to attend broadcasting school.

He became a member of the Holman Methodist Church, and then took up a radio career at KBCA Radio 105.1 FM.

Rick’s radio show was entitled ‘Rick's Family Affair’, where he broadcast between 1967 and 1976.


In 1970 Rick married and began at broadcasting at KJLH 103.2 FM (a station owned by Stevie Wonder), calling his show ‘Holmes in your Home’.

At this time he began a career as a spoken word recording artist, collaborating with Cannonball Adderley on his albums ‘Soul Of The Bible’ (in 1972), ‘Soul Zodiac’ (in 1972) and ‘Love, Sex, And The Zodiac’ (in 1974).

On leaving KJLH, Rick returned to Knoxville to spend time with his mother.

He became a member of the Payne Avenue Church, and re-married.

Rick HolmesRick Holmes

remember to remember 12" single 1981

Rick recorded ‘Remember To Remember’ for Gold Mine Records (based in New York and a subsidiary of Roy Ayers’ Uno Melodic records) in 1981, a song co-penned by Rick and Roy Ayers.

Rick’s 12” single is only one of two known 12” singles pressed on the label, the other being a track on Jaymz Bedford entitled ‘Just Keep My Boogie’.

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