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sharon ridley

Sharon Ridley

b. Sharon Ridley (a.k.a. Sharon Palmer Brock), Washington, District of Columbia, U.S.A.

Sharon Ridley is an R&B, and Soul Singer, Songwriter and Musician.

Sharon Ridley

sharon & van mccoy

Hailing from Washington, Sharon’s early career featured work alongside the late producer, Van McCoy.

The duo collaborated on Sharon’s debut album release ’Stay A While With Me’ in 1971 for Charles Avant’s Sussex Records imprint.

Sharon RidleySharon Ridley

i'm in your corner - 1973 / stay a while with me - 1975

The album did not contain any single releases, however, a non album single was released in both of the artists names, the 1973 Silver Blue Records 45, ‘I’m In Your Corner’.

In 1975, Van climbed the charts with his single ‘The Hustle’, prompting Sussex to reissue ‘Stay A While With Me’ b/w ‘When A Woman Falls In Love’ the same year.

Sharon RidleySharon Ridley

stay a while with me - 1971 / full moon - 1978

Sharon’s follow up album release was entitled ‘Full Moon’ in 1978, the set featuring production and arrangements by Jerry Peters.

The album featured the popular dancer, ‘Changin’, which was, initially, released as a single on the Artisan Sound Recorders imprint.

Sharon penned 6 tracks for that album, whilst a couple of songs were Motown classics, (namely, ‘You Beat Me To The Punch’ and ‘Ain't That Peculiar’).

The album was arranged by Sharon, and featured her own contributions on keyboards.

‘Changin’ b/w ‘Nothing Else Means More To Me Than Our Love’ (penned by Sharon) was issued in 1978 on the Tabu Records imprint.

‘Full Moon’ was Sharon’s final album release to date.

In recent years, she has performed in Europe (Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Russia).

Sharon Ridley

In 2016, Sharon resides in Los Angeles, California.

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Stay A While With Me (Sussex Records 1971)

Full Moon (Tabu Records 1978)

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