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steve parks

Steve Parks

Steve Parks hails from California, U.S.A..

Steve ParksSteve Parks

movin in the right direction - 1981

He was signed to the Solid Smoke Records label, and released one album, entitled 'Movin' In The Right Direction' in 1981.

The album was produced by Steve and Joe Tarantino, and featured bass palying by the artist Joyce Cooling.

In the years following the release, the album became highly sought after, becoming a Rare Groove album by the late Eighties.

A further album, entitled 'Shimmy & Jive' was scheduled for a release, but only saw the light of day as part of a CD release of the earlier released album in 1998.

The tracklisting for this album:

1. You Make It Easy For Me
2. The Look In Your Eyes
3. Shimmy And Jive
4. Wrong Decision
5. Stop! Drop Everything
6. Wonderful
7. Should've Been Wishing (Instead Of Dreaming)
8. I Hope Your Dreams Come True
9. You Excite Me

Steve ParksSteve Parks

sadness in my samba / still thinking of you

Steve recorded two singles for the Reynolds Records imprint, namely 'Sadness In My Samba' b/w 'All In A Day' & 'Still Thinking Of You' b/w 'Instr.'

Steve Parks

Real Player


Movin In The Right Direction (Solid Smoke Records 1981)

Shimmy & Jive (Unreleased)

Movin' In The Right Direction (The Complete Solid Smoke Sessions) (Westside 1998)

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