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the pasadena's

The Pasadena's

The Pasadena's comprised of:

Jeff Aaron Brown (b. 12th December 1964, United Kingdom)

Michael Milliner (b. 15th February 1962, United Kingdom)

David Milliner (b. 16th February 1962, United Kingdom)

along with:

Hamish Seelochan (b. 11th August 1964, United Kingdom)


Andrew Banfield (b. 4th December 1964, United Kingdom)

The Pasadenas were an R&B group from the United Kingdom.

They are best known for their hit songs, 'Tribute (Right On)' (U.K. number five), their cover version of New York City's, 'I'm Doing Fine Now' and 'Riding on a Train'.


to whom it may concern - 1988 / elevate - 1991


yours sincerely - 1992

Real Player


To Whom It May Concern (Columbia Records 1988)

Elevate (Columbia Records 1991)

Yours Sincerely (Columbia Records 1992)

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