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yarbrough & peoples

Yarbrough & Peoples

This singing duo comprise of:

Cavin Yarbrough (b. 22nd January, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.)


Alisa Peoples (a.k.a. Alisa Lois Peoples Yarbrough, b. Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.)

Yarbrough and Peoples comprise of Cavin Yarbrough and Alisa Peoples.

The R&B duo who hail from Dallas, Texas, were married during their career.

They are best remembered for their 1981 hit ‘Don’t Stop The Music’, which it the top of the Billboard charts that year.

Cavin and Alisa knew each other since they were children, meeting whilst taking piano lessons with the same teacher.

The duo also attended the same church, and both sang solos in the church choir.

Cavin Yarbrough toured, during the Seventies, with Leon Russell’s band.

Whilst touring, he met the Wilson Brothers, Charlie, Robert & Ronnie, who were otherwise known as the Gap Band.

On returning to Dallas, after the tour, Cavin and Alisa performed with the group Grand Theft.

The Gap Band were later to tour Dallas, where they caught up with Grand Theft, and were impressed, inviting them to Los Angeles, to perform there.

The Gap band were signed to the Total Experience imprint, and it was this label that eventually picked up Cavin and Alisa.

Yarbrough & PeoplesYarbrough & PeoplesYarbrough & PeoplesYarbrough & Peoples

the two of us - 1980 / heartbeats - 1983 / be a winner - 1984 / guilty - 1985

The duo’s debut album ‘The Two Of Us’, featured the hit single ‘Don’t Stop The Music’, which sounded not too dissimilar to the Gap Band’s own sound.

Ironically, the song displaced the Gap Band’s own ‘Burn Rubber on Me (Why You Wanna Hurt Me)’ from the number one position.

The album went on to turn Gold and reaching number 16 on the Billboard Hot 200 album chart.

In the U.K. the song reached number 7 on the U.K. Singles Chart.

Further top ten hits followed, including ‘Heartbeats’ (in 1983), ‘Don't Waste Your Time’ (in 1984), ‘Guilty’ (in 1986), and ‘I Wouldn't Lie’ (in 1986).

Following the release of their final album ‘Guilty’, for Total Experience, the duo departed the label in 1986.

Early in 1987, the duo contributed to the soundtrack, 'Penetentiary III', providing the movie with the ballad 'Special'.

Later that year, the duo became a couple and were married, relocating to Dallas.

There they set up their own music production company, Yarbrough & Peoples Productions.

Yarbrough & Peoples

Cavin and Alisa continue to write and produce to this day.

Alisa’s brother is the Soul singer Troy Peoples.

In 2009, they both appeared in the musical, ‘Blind Lemon Blues’, at the York Theatre, New York, where Cavin Yarbrough portrayed Lead Belly.

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The Two Of Us (Mercury Records 1980)

Heartbeats (Total Experience Records 1983)

Be A Winner (Total Experience Records 1984)

Guilty (Total Experience Records 1985)

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