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al jarreau

Al Jarreau

b. Alwin Lopez Jarreau, 12th March 1940, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

d. 12th February 2017, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Al Jarreau was a remarkably versatile vocalist.

The fact that he is the only vocalist in history to win Grammy awards in three different categories (Jazz, Pop and R & B, respectively), is testament to that fact.

Al Jarreau was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 12th April 1940, the son of a Seventh-Day Adventist Church minister and singer.

Al Jarreau

He earned his first performing experience singing in the local church choir.

His mother was on the Parent Teachers Association at the school.

Al was the president of the student council at high school.

He won a scholarship to Ripon College, where he also sang with a group called the Indigos, and graduated in 1962 with a Bachelor Of Science degree in Psychology.

Al also earned a master's degree in Vocational Rehabilitation from the University of Iowa.

He pursued a career as a social worker, but eventually he decided to relocate to Los Angeles and try his hand in show business, playing small clubs throughout the West Coast, with a jazz trio headed by George Duke.

1965We Got By

1965 - 1965 / we got by - 1975

In the mid-1960's, he recorded an LP, entitled '1965' for the Bainbridge imprint.

In 1967, he collaborated with an acoustic guitarist called Julio Martinez.

They played a Sausalito night club called Gatsby's.

The duo did well at the venue and Al decided to make professional singing his profession.

In 1969, the duo appeared in Los Angeles at Dino's, the Troubadour and the Bitter End nightclubs.

During this period, he became involved with the United Church of Religious Science and the Church of Scientology.

Al later signed to the Reprise label and released 'We Got By', nearly a decade after his first album release.

GlowLook To The Rainbow

glow - 1976 / look to the rainbow - 1977

The album won Al a German Grammy award, as did 1976's, Tommy LiPuma produced, Reprise release, 'Glow'.

The album featured his own songs 'Milwaukee' and 'Glow', along with cover versions of the songs 'Your Song', 'Rainbow In Your Eyes', 'Fire and Rain' and 'Somebody's Watching You'.

In 1977 he released 'Look to the Rainbow', a two-disc live set which reached the Top 50 on the U.S. album charts.

All Fly HomeThis Time

all fly home - 1978 / this time - 1980

Recorded in May and June of that year, 1978 saw the album 'All Fly Home' hit the streets, which featured the dancer 'Thinkin About It Too', and the stepper 'Bright and Sunny Babe'.

Freddie Hubbard love connection 1979

In 1979, Al collaborated with the late Freddie Hubbard on his, jazz funk classic, version of the song 'Little Sunflower' (taken from Freddie's 'Love Connection' album).


Freddie had previously contributed to Al's 1978 album release.

By 1980, Al had developed a more Soulful sound to his music, which saw fruition in the shape of the album, 'This Time'.

The set contained the hugely popular 'Distracted', along with other favourites, 'Never Givin' Up' and 'Gimme What You Got'.

Breakin' AwayJarreau

breakin' away - 1981 / jarreau - 1983

With 1981's 'Breakin' Away', Al reached the Top Ten, with a pair of songs 'We're in This Love Together' and the 'Breakin' Away'.

The Soul fraternity looked to 'Roof Garden' and 'Easy' for the Soul aspect of the man.

Al released the self titled 'Jarreau' album in 1983, which saw success with the radio friendly song, 'Morning'.

High CrimeL Is For Lover

high crime - 1984 / l is for lover - 1986

1984 saw the album 'High Crime' album release (featuring 'Falling' and 'Sticky Wicket') , which was followed by 1986's 'L Is for Lover', with producer Nile Rodgers (featuring 'Tell Me What I Gotta Do') .

Al reached the charts with the theme to the popular television program 'Moonlighting' (b/w 'Golden Girl'), taken from the album.

The same year he contributed to Bob James / David Sanborn's album vehicle 'Double Vision', contributing his version of the standard 'Since I Fell For You'.

Al then released a series of albums, which crossed the Soul and Jazz platform's neatly.

Hearts HorizonHeaven and Earth

hearts horizon - 1988 / heaven and earth - 1992

The George Duke produced, 'Hearts Horizon' was released in 1988 (featuring 'All Or Nothing At All' and 'Pleasure Over Pain').

1992's album 'Heaven and Earth' and 1994's 'Tenderness' found greater success with adult contemporary audiences.

TendernessTomorrow, Today

tenderness - 1994 / tomorrow, today - 2000

He released 'Tomorrow, Today' in 2000, which was well received, especially for the song, 'Flame'.

On 6th of March 2001 he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In 2003, Al, and conductor Larry Baird, collaborated together performing symphony shows around the United States.

All I GotAcentuate The Positive

all i got - 2002 / accentuate the positive - 2004

Givin It UpLove Songs

givin it up - 2006 / love songs - 2008

Al continued to collaborate with musicians in the new millennium, working with George Benson on the album 'Givin' It Up' in 2006, tand two years later he released his own set 'Love Songs'.


christmas - 2008

In 2008, he recorded an album of festive songs, simply entitled 'Christmas'.

In 2010, Al had become critically ill at a hospital in France, and was treated for respiratory problems and cardiac arrhythmias.

He was then moved to a cardiology unit of La Timone hospital in Marseille

In 2012, Al was then diagnosed with pneumonia, from which he recovered, and began touring again.

In 2017, he had became hospitalized in Los Angeles, as a result of exhaustion, and passed away in February 2017.

Al Jarreau

Real Player



1965 (Bainbridge Records 1965)

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Jarreau (Warner Brothers Records 1983)

Ain't No Sunshine (Blue Moon Records 1983)

Live in London (Warner Brothers Records 1984)

Al Jarreau ([Disc AZ] Disc AZ 1984)

In London [live] (WEA Records 1984)

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Replay of Al Jarreau (Sierra Records 1985)

L Is for Lover (Warner Brothers Records 1986)

Heart's Horizon (Reprise Records 1988)

Live (Zeta Records 1990)

Heaven and Earth (Reprise Records 1992)

Tenderness (Warner Brothers Records 1994)

Living for You ([Blue Moon] Blue Moon Records 1995)

Living for You ([Magnum] Magnum America Records 1996)

Tribute to Bill Withers (Culture Press Records 1998)

Improvisations (Blue Moon Records 1998)

Tomorrow, Today (GRP Records 2000)

All I Got (GRP Records 2002)

Accentuate The Positive (GRP Records 2004)

with George Benson

Givin' It Up (GRP Records 2006)


Love Songs (GRP Records 2008)

Christmas (GRP Records 2008)

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