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alicia myers

Alicia Myers

b. Alicia Myers, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Alicia Myers was born in Detroit into a family of nine.

She moved to Los Angeles in 1972 when she began her singing career.

Her brother is Jackie Myers with whom she won a major talent contest.

Jackie became a member of Chairman Of The Board, while Alicia joined forces with AI Hudson & The Soul Partners, later to become One Way.

Alicia co-wrote and recorded lead vocals on One Way's 1979 dance anthem 'You Can Do It', following which she began a solo career with MCA.

Alicia MyersAgainI Fooled You This TimeI Appreciate

alicia - 1981 / again - 1981 / I fooled you this time - 1982 / I appreciate - 1984

From 1980 she released four albums for the label, produced by AI Perkins with One Way's AI Hudson and Kevin McCord.

One of her strongest records was the, gospel / soul, 'I Want to Thank You' in 1981.

'You Get The Best From Me (Say Say Say)' reached the U.K. Top 60 in 1984 from 'Appreciation' (which also included 'I Appreciate').

Peace Of Mind

peace of mind - 2011

In 2011, Alicia released a new album for the Love Town Music imprint, entitled 'Peace Of Mind'.

Alicia Myers

Real Player


Alicia (MCA Records 1981)

Again (MCA Records 1981)

I Fooled You This Time (MCA Records 1982)

I Appreciate (MCA Records 1984)

Don't Stop What You're Doin' (Universal Special Products Records 1995)

Peace Of Mind (Love Town Music Records 2011)

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