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angela bofill

Angela Bofill

b. Angela Tomasa Bofill, 2nd May 1954, The Bronx, New York City, U.S.A.

d. 13th June 2024, Vallejo, California, U.S.A.

Angela Bofill was born to a French-Cuban father and Puerto Rican mother, in the New York borough of the Bronx, in 1954.

She was brought up as a child in the West Bronx.

Her parents were both lovers of music, with her father singing, from time to time, with the Cuban Bandleader, Machito.

She, initially attended Hunter High School, moving on to the Manhattan School Of Music (earning a bachelor of music degree in 1976) and then to the Hartford Conservatory Of Music.

Ricardo Marrero & the GroupA Taste

ricardo marrero and the group / a taste - 1976

She sang with Ricardo Marrero & the Group (releasing a single called 'My Friend', taken from the album 'A Taste' in 1976), jammed with Herbie Hancock, Cannonball Adderly and Dizzy Gillespie, and was a soloist at the New York Dance Theater of Harlem Chorus.

Angie landed a deal at GRP Records, after being introduced to the label by flautist Dave Valentin.

Angie and Dave took a cassette tape into the offices, which Angie had recorded at home, and played the tape to Dave Grusin and Larry Rosen.

AngieAngel Of The Night

angie -1978 / angel of the night - 1978

Signing with GRP in 1978 release, her first album release was called 'Angie'.

The set included the songs 'Under The Moon and Over The Sky', 'This Time I'll Be Sweeter' and 'The Only Thing I Could Wish For'.

'Angel Of The Night' followed on the same year, which featured the songs, 'I Try', 'People Make The World Go Round' and the popular title track.

Angie then left the GRP label and relocated to the Arista imprint.

Someyhing About YouToo Tough

something about you - 1981 / too tough - 1983

After a three year break, Angie released the Narada Michael Walden produced 'Something About You' in 1981.

The album was notable for the song 'Tropical Love', which became something of a rare groove in later years.

Six of her albums made the Top 40 in the following years (five of which made the Top 100 on the pop charts as well), including, 'Angel of the Night' and 'Too Tough', which made the Top Ten.

'Too Tough' was another Narada Michael Walden production, the albums title track making the Top Ten.

During this period, seven of Angie's singles made the R & B Top 40.

In 1986, she recorded with bassman Stanley Clarke on his 'Hideaway' set, singing on 'Where Do We Go', also recording with Dave Valentin on two further ocassions.

TeaserLet Me Be The One

teaser - 1983 / let me be the one - 1984

Her 1983 album 'Teaser' featured the Top 10 R & B chart hit 'I'm On Your Side', which also became a hit for Jennifer Holliday in 1991.

Angie released two further Arista albums, 'Let Me Be the One' (in 1984) and 'Tell Me Tomorrow' (in 1985).

Tell Me TomorrowIntuition

tell me tomorrow - 1985 / intuition - 1988

I Wanna Love SomebodyLove In Slow Motion

i wanna love somebody - 1991 / love in slow motion - 1996

She then returned to the R & B charts with 'Intuition' (in 1988, featuring 'Love Overtime'), 'I Wanna Love Somebody' (in 1993, including 'Essence Of My Light'), and 'Love in Slow Motion' (in 1996, featuring 'Sail Away') released on the Expansion label in the U.K.

Angie has also provided backing vocals on a number of other albums, most notably Norman Connors album 'Eternity' in 2000.

She has also appeared in a number of stage plays over the last few years, including 'God Don’t Like Ugly' and 'What A Man Wants, What A Man Needs'.

Live From Manila

live from manila - 2006

Angie has regularly travelled the U.S. and Europe in various Jazz tours and shows.

Angie suffered a stroke on the 10th of January 2006 and was subsequently paralyzed on her left side.

She began her road to recovery at the Sutter Hospital in Santa Rosa, California.

Angie was released from intensive care on the 15th of January, subsequently requiring some speech and physical therapy.

Angie then suffered a further stroke on the 10th of July 2007.

Her condition at the time was described as stable.

More recently Angie resided in a convalescent home in the Bay Area.

Finances, and lack of medical insurance, have left her, and her representatives having to organise benefit concerts in order to meet her hospital bills.

Angela died on the 13th June 2024, at the age of 70.

Her website also had a donations page, which could be found here:

Angie, and her husband (seperated), Country singer, Rick Vincent, had a daughter called Shauna.


Angela Bofill

Real Player


Angie (GRP Records 1978)

Angel of the Night (GRP Records 1978)

Something About You (Arista Records 1981)

Too Tough (Arista Records 1983)

Teaser (Arista Records 1983)

Let Me Be the One (Arista Records 1984)

Tell Me Tomorrow (Arista Records 1985)

Intuition (Capitol Records 1988)

I Wanna Love Somebody (Jive Records 1993)

Love in Slow Motion (Shanachie Records / Cach Records / UK Expansion Records 1996)

Live From Manila (Black Angel Records 2006)

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