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anglo saxon-brown

Anglo Saxon Brown

Formed  in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Anglo Saxon-Brown comprised of:

Debra Henry (lead vocals)

Dwight Smith (keyboards / vocals)

Clemente Burnette (vocals / guitar)

Tyrone Durham (drums)

Alvin Brown (trumpet / flugelhorn / trombone)


Charles Manns (sax)

These were the artists who later became the nucleus of the group Silk.

Also in Anglo Saxon-Brown were:

Carlton Robinson (bass)

Joe Jefferson (keyboards / producer)


Larry Washington (percussion)

In the Philly tradition of the mid-70's, the group recorded one album in 1976, 'Songs For Evolution', produced by Joe Jefferson and Charles Simmons with string and horn arrangements by Jack Smith.

Real Player


Songs For Evolution (Atlantic Records 1976)

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