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anthony watson

Anthony Watson

b. Anthony Reynard Watson, Mobile, Alabama, U.S.A.

Anthony Watson sang in Europe with a group Return Ticket, and in Alabama with a group Praze (recording 'Solid Love Affair'), before settling in Dallas, Texas.

As a session singer he recorded with The Manhattans, Millie Jackson and L.J.Reynolds before the Amherst label signed him as a solo artist in 1985.

Here he recorded 'Anthony Watson', before joining The Chi-Lites, replacing Eugene Record as lead singer and principal songwriter.

Away from The Chi-Lites, he continued to record as a solo artist.

'9 Days Of October', including 'Do What You Want', was released on the Miami-based label Tashamba in 1991.

Anthony returned to recording in 2002, with the release of the album 'Kiss You Where I Miss You' on Amherst Records.

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Anthony Watson (Amherst 1985)

9 Days Of October (Tashamba 1991)

Ain't No End To The Rainbow (Vision 1994)

Kiss You Where I Miss You (Amherst Records 2002)

I Love Being Single (Amherst Records 2005 )

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