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anthony white

Anthony White

b. Anthony White, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Anthony White is an accomplished singer.

Born in Philadelphia, Anthony White signed to the Philadelphia International label in 1975.

There he released a debut single entitled 'Hey Baby'.

The song was not featured on his 1976 album 'Could It Be Magic', an album which was highly popular in the U.K. and featured the song 'Stop And Think It Over'.

The album featured songwriting input from Bunny Sigler, T Life and featured the title track, a version of the Barry Manilow song 'Could It Be Magic'.

In 1977, Anthony recorded 'I Can't Turn You Loose' for the Salsoul label.

The B side was the instrumental 'Block Party', popular on New York disco scene.

This was his last solo release.

Anthony then teamed up with Paul Simpson as a featured vocalist on his version of the tune 'Walk Away From Love' (a song first made popular by David Ruffin).

The song was released in 1989.

Anthony White

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Could It Be Magic (Philadelphia International 1976)

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