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the apollas

The Apollas

The Apollas comprised of:

Leola Jiles (b. 2nd April 1942, Louisiana, U.S.A.)

Ella Jamerson (b. Rome, Georgia, U.S.A.)

Billie Barnum (H. B. Barnum's Sister)


Connie Wye

The Apollas originally were formed in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. in 1961.

During those days, the group went under the name of the Apollos and comprised of Ella Jamerson, Augustine Jackson, Gloria Beverley, Shirley Brown and Connie Wye.

The Apollos released a couple of sides for the Galaxy imprint, including a version of the song 'Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child'.

Through 1963 and 1964, the group recorded with different line-ups and group names, including Ella Jamerson (With The Vince Guaraldi Trio), Leola & The Love Joys and The Love Joys.

The Love Joys released their first single on the Tiger record imprint in 1963, entitled 'He Ain't No Angel' b/w 'Wait 'Round The Corner'.

A follow up single saw the light of day a year later, entitled 'It's Mighty Nice' b/w 'Payin' For The Wrong I've Done'.

You're Absolutely RightNobody's BabyJust Can't Get Enough Of YouMr Creator

you're absolutely right - 1965 / nobody's baby (am I) - 1966 / just can't get enough of you - 1966 / mr. creator - 1967

They became the Apollas in 1965, signing to the Loma imprint (a Warner Brothers subsidiary) for four sides, including 'You're Absolutely Right', 'Nobody's Baby (Am I)', 'Pretty Red Balloons' and 'Sorry Mama'.

These songs were largely penned by Ashford and Simpson, and arranged by Gene Page.

In 1967, they recorded their biggest song 'All Sold Out' b/w 'Mister Creator' for the Warner Brothers imprint.

Another Warners 1967 single 'I'm Under The Influence Of Love' was also recorded by Felice Taylor.

Other Warners recordings included 'Who Would Want Me Now' b/w 'You'll Always Have Me', in 1967, and 'Open The Door, Fool' b/w 'Seven Days' in 1968.


the blackberries in 1972 (billie barnum second from left)

Leona Jiles recorded some solo sides for Warners, following the Apollas final 1968 recordings, with various members recording with the groups, the Blackberries (1972-1973) and the Love Salvation (in 1972).

To Make A Long Story ShortBillie Barnum

to make a long story short - leola jiles 1973 van mccoy penned 45 / billie barnum today

In recent years, the U.K. Northern Soul Scene embraced the group and their recordings, giving the group a new lease of life.

Leola Jiles and Ella Jamerson now reside in Northern California, whilst Billie Barnum resides in Los Angeles.

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