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aquarian dream

Aquarian Dream

This U.S. eight-piece group featured two female lead vocalists within it's ranks:

Patricia Shannon (lead and background vocals)


Connie Harvey (lead and background vocals)

backed by several musicians (at various times):

Jacques Burvick (keyboards)

Claude Bartee Jnr. (soprano, alto and tenor saxophone)

David Worthy (percussion)

Pete Bartee (lead guitar)

Ernie Adams (bass)

James Morrison (drums)

Gloria Jones (lead vocals) (19th October 1945, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A.)

Sylvia Striplin (vocals)

Valerie Horn (background vocals)

Mike Fowler (percussion)


Winston Daley (keyboards)

Aquarian Dream were a group conceived by by Norman Connors.

Norman Connors PresentsFantasy

norman connors presents aquarian dream - 1976 / fantasy - 1978

The group were recruited to the ranks of Buddah Records in 1976, where they released their debut album the same year, entitled 'Norman Connors Presents Aquarian Dream'.

The album featured the popular song 'Phoenix' along with the club dancer 'East 6th Street'.

Aquarian Dream then switched labels to the Elektra imprint, in 1977, where they released the single 'You're A Star'.

In 1978 they released the Norman Connors produced album 'Fantasy', which featured a re-working of the single, this time featuring the singer Sylvia Striplin on lead vocals.

In 1979, they re-released their 1976 songs 'Phoenix' and 'East 6th Street' for the Buddah imprint again, giving the melodies a new lease of life.

Chance To DancePhoenix

chance to dance - 1979 / Phoenix - 1979 - 45

In 1979, they released the Jeff Lane produced album 'Chance To Dance', also for Elektra, which featured the popular 'Are You Ready For Love'.

Sylvia Striplin

sylvia striplin

After this release, Aquarian Dream went their seperate ways, with Sylvia Striplin joining the ranks of the Roy Ayers owned Uno Melodic imprint.

In 1981, Sylvia recorded the much sought after album 'Give Me Your Love', for the label.

Aquarian Dream

Real Player


Norman Connors Presents Aquarian Dream (Buddah Records 1976)

Fantasy (Elektra Records 1977)

Chance To Dance (Elektra Records 1979)

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