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Aurra evolved from the group Slave and were originally:

Steve Washington (vocals / trumpet)

Tom Lockett Jr (sax)

Curt Jones


Starleana Young (vocals)

They had worked together in Slave from the early 70's, but the idea for Aurra was conceived in 1980, just prior to a deal with the Dream label (via Salsoul) for a debut album 'Aurra' (including 'In The Mood To Groove').

Further albums for Salsoul, 'Send Your Love' (1981) including 'Nasty Disposition' and 'Are You Single', 'A Little Love' (1982), including 'Make Up Your Mind', and 'Live And Let Live' (1983), including 'Baby Love', followed before Steve Washington took on a solo career, leaving Curt and Starleana (both from New Jersey) to take the Aurra concept to Next Plateau Records.

Here they scored their greatest commercial success with 'Like I Like It', released in the UK by Virgin / 10 Records and a Top 60 hit in 1985.

Further dancefloor success came in 1986 with 'You And Me Tonight' before they changed their name to Deja.

The band ceased to record throughout the nineties.

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Aurra (Dream 1980)

Send Your Love (Salsoul 1981)

A Little Love (Salsoul 1982)

Live & Let Live (Salsoul 1983)

Like I Like It (Virgin 1985)

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