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Beau Williams

b. Beau Williams, 6th January 1950, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Born in Houston, Texas, Beau nearly became a member of The Temptations prior to launching his solo career.

He auditioned in Los Angeles but as he was only five feet eight inches tall they decided he was too short! (The Temps can be heard as backgrounds on Beau's 1983 album track 'You've Been'.)

Beau formed a group Solar Heat with his brothers and signed to ABC just prior to the demise of the label. Sadly, their album wasn't released.

It was George Benson who put up some backing for Beau to record demo's which were produced by Wayne Henderson.

Via these sessions Beau was signed as a solo artist to Capitol in 1982.

Beau's debut album 'Beau Williams' (1982) included 'if You're Ready' and a rendition of Leon Russell's 'A Song For You', which established him among UK soul fans.

It was followed by 'Stay With Me' (1983), including 'You've Been'; 'Bodacious' (1984), including 'Dark And Lonely Knights'; and 'No More Tears' (1986), including 'All Because Of You' and 'Been Too Long'.

In the late Eighties and early Nineties, Beau turned to gospel music, recording a three albums for the Light label.

He then moved to A & M for 'Power' in 1994 and then on to Insync in 1996 for 'They Need To Know'.

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Beau Williams (Capitol Records 1982)

Stay With Me (Capitol Records 1983)

Bodacious (Capitol Records 1984)

No More Tears (Capitol Records 1986)

Wonderful (Light Records 1989)

Higher (Light Records 1990)

Love (Light Records 1992)

Power (A&M Records 1994)

They Need To Know (Insync Records 1996)

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