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the beck family

The Beck Family

The Beck Family comprised of:

Anthony Beck

Mendy Beck

Tyrone Beck

Joanna Beck

Nick Mundy


Donald Wilson

The Beck Family were formed from 4 family members and 2 cousins.

The group hailed from Philadelphia.

Signing to Lejoint Records (distributed by London Records), the six member band released one album entitled 'Dancin' On The Ceiling' in 1979.

Produced by T. Life (famous for Evelyn 'Champagne' King's dancer 'Shame'), the album caused a stir on the U.K. dancefloors via the dancer 'Words And Music'.

Soul lovers looked to the title track and the mid-tempo 'Nobody But You', which were penned by Morris Bailey and John Fitch, Bill Greene and T. Life respectively.

Artistic input on the album included contributions from T. Life, Will Lee, Ingram and the late Phyllis Hyman on background vocal chores.

The group did not record, since that first release, to this date.

Nick Mundy, however, went on to have successful career as a producer / songwriter and session musician.

His C.V. lists such names as Color Me Badd, Kashif (on his 1989 'Kashif' album), DeBarge and New Edition.

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Dancin' On The Ceiling (Lejoint Records 1979)

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