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bernard wright

Bernard Wright

b. Bernard Charles Wright, 16th November 1963, Jamaica, Queens, New York, U.S.A.

d. 19th May 2022, Dallas Texas, U.S.A.

At eight years old, Bernard Wright joined a local jazz ensemble The Junior Firebolts as their youngest member (the eldest was 12 years old), and by the age of 13 he was touring with Lenny White.

He played with Tom Browne in 1979.

He got such strong response that he was signed to GRP in 1981.

Bernard WrightBernard Wright

nard - 1981 / funky beat - 1983

Combining funk, jazz and vocals, Bernard made his debut in 1981 with an album 'Nard' which created an immediate impression on the UK jazz funk scene with tracks 'Habogiabotribin" and 'Firebolt Hustle'.

The album was produced by Grusin / Rosen, but as with his other albums to date, it was not released in the UK.

By now he had also made his recording debut as keyboard player on 'The Vampire And The Dentist' by Weldon lryine.

'Nard' was followed by 'Funky Beat' for Arista and 'Mr. Wright' for Manhattan / EMI.

Bernard WrightBernard Wright

mr. wright - 1985 / fresh hymns - 1990

On the former, Bernard collaborated again with Lenny White (with whom Bernard wrote 'Blow' for Bobby M in 1982).

On the latter he collaborated with Marcus Miller.

Bernard also co-wrote and sang with La La on 'We'll Keep Strivin.'

He has recorded with Cameo, Bobby Brown, Pieces of a Dream, and the late Charles Earland, among others.

Bernard WrightBernard Wright

a brand new gospel format - 1991 / fresh hymns II - 1992

Bernard is the Godson of the singer Roberta Flack.

He was married to Anita Wright for nearly 40 years and was, also, the father of three children, and the grandfather of three.

Bernard died (in May 2022), as a result of a traffic accident in Dallas, Texas.

Bernard Wright

Real Player


'Nard (GRP Records 1981)

Funky Beat  (Arista Records 1983)

Mr. Wright (Manhattan Records 1985)

Fresh Hymns (Benson Records 1990)

A Brand New Gospel Format (Benson Records 1991)

Fresh Hymns II (Benson Records 1992)

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