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bessie banks

Bessie Banks

b. Bessie White, 8th February 1938, New Bern, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Sixties / Seventies singer Bessie Banks recorded for numerous labels including Red Bird.

Bessie grew up in Brooklyn, New York, where she performed as Toni Banks.

At the time she released the single 'You’re Still in My Heart', on which she was backed by the Four Fellows.

In the 1950's she sang with a Quartet known as 'Three Guys And A Doll' and was later to marry Larry Banks and began performing under the name Bessie Banks.

In 1963 she released the single 'Do It Now / (You Should Have Been A) Doctor' for the Spokane label (a track that was re-released on the Wand label a year later).

Go NowGo Now

Moving to Tiger Records in 1964 the following year she recorded 'Go Now' b/w 'It Sounds Like My Baby' (another single re-released a year later on for Blue Cat Records).

I Can't Make It

By 1967, she had relocated to Verve Records for 'I Can't Make It (Without You Baby)' b/w Need You'.

During the seventies, she recorded for Volt Records on 'Ain't No Easy Way' b/w 'Try To Leave Me If You Can'.

Bessie is best remembered for the singles 'Baby You Sure Know How To Get To Me' (1976) and 'Try To Leave Me If You Can (Betcha Can't Do It)'.

On the U.K. dancefloors, Bessie is fondly remembered for her seventies dancer 'The Best Is Yet To Come' (1976).

As well as recording her own singles, Bessie collaborated with the late Linda Jones on a single that featured Linda on the A Side, with 'Fugitive From Luv', and Bessie on the flip, with her classic 'Go Now'.

Bessie BanksBessie Banks

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