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bobby taylor & the vancouvers

Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers

Formed in the mid-sixties, Vancouver, Canada.

Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers comprised of:

Bobby Taylor (lead vocals) b. 18th February 1936, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Tommy Chong (guitar)

Albert Leroy Harrison (keyboards)

Wes Henderson (guitar)

Robbie King (keyboards),

Ted Lewis (drums)


Eddie Patterson (bass)

Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers came from Canada.

They were signed to Motown in 1967.

At that time they began touring with Gladys Knight and the Pips.

The following year they released 'Does Your Mama Know About Me?', which was a hit and was followed by the songs 'Malinda' and 'I Am Your Man'.

After issuing a self-titled debut album (below), the Vancouvers split, and Tommy Chong formed the comedy double act Cheech And Chong.

They were popular in the early 70's with their drug-related humour.

Exterior CoverInterior Cover

Bobby's first solo album came in 1969, entitled 'Taylor Made Soul'.

Bobby Taylor remained with Motown as a soloist, and was responsible for discovering the Jackson Five.

Bobby left Motown in the early 70's and recorded for several more years, having one minor hit in 1975 with 'Why Play Games'.

In 1988, he signed to lan Levine's Motor City label and was instrumental in re-establishing contact with dozens of ex-Motown acts.

A compilation release entitled 'Tamla Motown Connoisseurs' was released in 2001, with a rare Bobby Taylor tune, entitled 'Don't Be Afraid', within the artistic line-up.

Bobby returned to the U.K. for a show in 2006, with a retrospective release accompanying the schedule's, including many unreleased songs.

Bobby Taylor & The VancouversBobby Taylor & The Vancouvers

Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers

Real Player


Bobby Taylor And The Vancouvers (Gordy Records 1968)

As Bobby Taylor:

Bobby Taylor, Taylor Made Soul (Gordy Records 1969)

Find My Way Back (Motor City Records 1990)

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