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brass construction

Brass Construction

Formed in Brooklyn, New York in 1968.

Brass Construction were the brainchild of:

Randy Muller (b. Randolph G. Muller, Guyana) (keyboards player and singer)

In 1975, their debut album changed the face of dance music and is still a huge influence some 30 years on.

Randy originally formed the band in Brooklyn, New York, under the name of Dynamic Soul.

Renamed Brass Construction, the nine-piece group were signed by United Artists in 1975.

The members included:

Michael Grudge (b. Jamaica) and Jesse Ward Jnr. (saxophones)

Jeff Lane (b. Clarence McIlwain, songwriter, arranger & producer)

Wayne Parris (b. Jamaica)

Jesse Ward Jr. (saxophone) (d. 2016)

Morris Price (trumpet)

Joseph Arthur Wong (b. Trinidad; guitar d. 1998)

Wade Williamson (bass)

Larry Payton (drums) (b. Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. d. 21st March 2016, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.)


Sandy Billups (percussion)

With their tight horn section and brief, chanted vocals, the group's first release, 'Movin', topped the R & B charts and was a pop Top 20 hit.

Brass ConstructionBrass ConstructionBrass ConstructionBrass Construction

brass construction 1 - 1975 / brass construction 2 - 1976

brass construction 3 - 1977 / brass construction 4 - 1978

It was followed by 'Changin', 'Ha Cha Cha' (From Brass Construction II) and 'L-O-V-E U', which were all best-sellers.

Brass ConstructionBrass ConstructionBrass ConstructionBrass Construction

brass construction 5 - 1979 / brass construction 6 - 1980

attitudes - 1982 / conversations - 1983

Jeff Lane produced Brass Construction's albums up until the 1982 'Attitudes' set, at which point Randy Muller took over the production chores.

Brass Construction's albums all sold well and they even endured the lightweight Disco era.

Brass ConstructionBrass Construction

renegades - 1984 / conquest - 1985

Randy also wrote for and produced New York disco group Skyy and was the string arranger for the group B.T Express.

The group moved into the 80's with less pop hits, however, club interest was as high as ever.

Brass Construction

The remix craze brought numerous versions of their early hits into the clubs in 1988, including 'Ha Cha Cha (Acieed Mix)'.

Brass Construction

Randy then moved into producing one off 12" singles including B.C. Underground's 'Let The World Dance'.

Randy Muller

randy muller

Incidentally, Randy Muller is a classically trained flautist and has recorded a classical album utilising the instrument.

I would like to thank Randy Muller for his input on this page. Quite an innovator back in the day (and that is not an underestimation), my friend.

Real Player


Brass Construction (United Artists Records 1975)

Brass Construction II (United Artists Records 1976)

Brass Construction III (United Artists Records 1977)

Brass Construction IV (United Artists Records 1978)

Brass Construction 5 (United Artists Records 1979)

Brass Construction 6 (United Artists Records 1980)

Attitudes (Liberty Records 1982)

Conversations (Capitol Records 1983)

Renegades (Capitol Records 1984)

Conquest (Capitol Records 1985)

Live (Collectables Records 1998)

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