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braxton brothers

Braxton Brothers

The Braxton Brothers comprise of:

Nelson Braxton (piccolo and slap bass)


Wayne Braxton (alto and tenor sax)

Brothers Nelson and Wayne Braxton first began their musical journey when both twins joined the school band during the fourth grade.

Their father had previously worked as a mobile DJ, consequently, there would always be recording equipment in the house.

By high school, were well - versed multi-instrumentalists and members of the California All-State Honor Band.

Wayne went on to Cal State Northridge, performing as a member of the school's Jazz A Band.

Nelson instead studied tuba at San Francisco State University, later touring Europe as part of the San Francisco Symphony Youth Orchestra.

The brothers were later reunited at SFSU, collaborating there in a jazz quartet.

They were also both honored as selections to the Disney All - American collegiate band.

Upon turning professional, Nelson toured with Najee, while Wayne worked with Sheila E, 13 Cats and has recorded with Special Generation and the gospel group Crusade.

As the Braxton Brothers, they debuted in 1996 with 'Steppin' Out', which was originally released on the tiny Kokopelli label, but later licensed for reissue by Windham Hill.

The album 'Now and Forever' followed in 1999.

The brothers latest album 'Both Sides' features the popular Bay Area singer Ledisi, who appears on three of 'Both Sides' 12 tracks, 'Better Than Nothing', 'Do What You Feel' and 'If You Love Me.'

The Braxton Brothers recorded most of 'Both Sides' at Blue Cherry Music, a new San Jose studio.

In 2003, the twins travelled to the U.K. for dates with Ledisi at London's Jazz Cafe, following a very successful gig at Subterranea, with the singer, towards the end of 2002.

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Steppin' Out (Windham Hill 1996)

Now & Forever (Windham Hill 1999)

Both Sides (Peak 2002)

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