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brigette mcwilliams

Brigette McWilliams

b. Brigette Romanek, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Brigette McWilliams is the daughter of, ex Rufus singer, Paulette McWilliams and wife of director Mark Romanek.

Brigette McWilliamsBrigette McWilliams

take advantage of me - 1994 / too much woman - 1997

Brigette made her debut for Virgin Records in 1994.

Her 1997 follow up album 'Too Much Woman' featured guitarist Al McKay and keyboard player Larry Dunn (Earth, Wind And Fire), guitarist Jimmy Macon (Gap Band), Bobby Watson (Rufus) along with Billy Preston.

Brigette McWilliams

starlite lounge - 2005

She released 'Starlite Lounge' for Expansion Records in 2005.

She has been a luxury fashion designer since that release.

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Take Advantage Of Me (Virgin Records 1994)

Too Much Woman (Virgin Records 1997)

Starlite Lounge (Expansion Records 2005)

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