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brotherly love

Brotherly LoveChestnut Brothers

Born in Columbia, South Carolina, U.S.A.

Brotherly Love are:

Tyrone Chestnut


Al Chestnut

The brothers were both raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Brotherly Love first recorded 'Super Lovin' b/w 'Goodness Gracious' for the Paramount label as The Chestnut Tree in 1972.

Tyrone and Al originally had signed to Philadelphia International and All Platinum Records however both deals fell through.

An album entitled 'Brotherly Love' was released on the Music Merchant label.

They recorded vocals for a group called Missing Links, which were a fusion group covering tunes including The Young Rascals 'Groovin' and 'Walk On By'.


They later released 'Sweet Loretta' as The Chestnut Brothers on Street Level Records (1983) before becoming Brotherly Love for 'Whole Lotta You In Me' / 'Hey Sweet Lady' in 1990.

The A Side of the 'Whole Lotta You In Me' included a guest appearance by Grover Washington Jnr.

On being asked how they managed to get Grover onto their record Tyrone replied 'Everyone asks us that. We go a long way back with Grover.

Al and he used to work for the same distributors, then Grover's career took off and he moved to CTI Records. He told us, 'If there is anything I can do'. He remained true to his word, a true friend'.

In 1993, they recorded an album on Skyline Records entitled 'Brotherly Love'.

This outing contained a re-working of 'Sweet Loretta' entitled 'Sweet Little Rita'.

'(We Ain't Gon) Never Stop' was very popular on the U.K. soul scene.

Tyrone Chestnut is also responsible for the dance craze 'The Bump' made popular in the late seventies by the late Joe Tex.

Both brothers have recorded with Luther Vandross and Najee, additionally.

Socially active, the brothers have had heir songs adopted by such civic organizations as The MLK Foundation, Southern Christian Leadership Council, National Victory Over Violence Campaign, The National Union For the Homeless, CANAAN Kids, Philadelphia Police Deptartment (OPERATION: Safe Streets), Men United For A Better Philadelphia, Ex-Offenders and Philadelphia Making A Difference Against Guns, Drugs and Violence.

In 2003, the brothers returned under their family name 'The Chestnut Brothers' with the album 'Peace Suite' on Abdul 215 Entertainment Records.

A new album is due in 2008. can pick up the album 'Peace Suite' at Amazon, right here

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Whole Lotta You

Real Player


Brotherly Love (Music Merchant Records - MM 104)

Brotherly Love (Skyline Records 1993 - SKYD 9301)

as the Chestnut Brothers:

Peace Suite (Abdul 215 Entertainment Records 2003)

The Chestnut Brothers (Abdul 215 Entertainment Records 2008)

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