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bryan loren

Bryan Loren

b. Bryan Loren, Long Island, New York, U.S.A.

Bryan Loren is a multi-instrumentalist / songwriter / recording artist / producer. His smooth mid-tempo debut single 'Lollipop Luv' was a Top 30 R & B hit in 1984.

Loren, whose production and songwriting credits range from Vesta Williams, Eric Benet (as one half of the brother-sister Benet), Michael Jackson ('Dangerous'), Barry White ('Right Night' & 'Barry White'), Sting ('Nothing Like the Sun'), and Fox-TV's 'The Simpsons', is a multi-talent to be reckoned with.

The Long Island, New York, native was signed to Philadelphia's Philly World Records with Nick Martinelli (Loose Ends, Phyllis Hyman, Regina Belle, Stephanie Mills) handling the production chores for his debut LP, 'Bryan Loren', issued in June 1984.

The first single on the Atlantic Records-distributed label 'Lollipop Luv' made it to number 23 R & B on Billboard's charts in spring 1984.

It's included on 'The Best of Philly World Records'.

The follow-up, the mellow and funky 'Do You Really Love Me' charted number 68 R & B in summer 1984.

Though Loren's later productions on various artists were often energetic and sometimes very funky, Bryan Loren was quite laid back.

The LP and the 12 inch and Seven inch singles, including the third single 'Easier Said Than Done' b/w 'For Tonight,' have become collectables.

Loren also wrote and produced hits for Vesta Williams ('Something About You,' 'Don't Blow a Good Thing'), Shanice Wilson ('[Baby Tell Me] Can You Dance'), and 'Do the Bartman' from the 1991 two-million-selling TV soundtrack from Fox-TV's 'The Simpsons', 'The Simpsons Sing the Blues'.

Some of his other credits include 'Wait for Me' not to be confused with the Slave hit from the 1990 self-titled MCA album by former Sugar Babes Stacy and Kymoko and the adventurous solo debut of Mic Murphy of the System ('Don't Disturb This Groove') on East West.

Loren made one more LP, 'Music for the New World', issued by Arista in 1992.

Loren-related 1999 releases are the self-titled A&M album from Johnson & Branson and former Three Dog Night member Chuck Negron's Hip-O CD 'Long Way Back'.

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Bryan Loren (Philly World Records 1984)

Music for the New World (Arista Records 1992)

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