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byron woods

Byron Woods

b. Byron Jerome Woods, 7th August 1955, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

d. 30th December 2023, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Byron Woods was a very talented Singer, Songwriter, Arranger and Producer.

He had been involved within the music industry since 1974, at which point he was singing lead vocals for the bands Heet and Brandi.

He then moved into the club circuit.



Byron then fronted the group Onstage.

Onstage became very popular in the Midwest and released three singles 'Lady Of The Night'. I'll Give My Best' and 'Alibi'.

These tracks bought Byron to a wider audience and, on the disbanding of Onstage, Byron decided to return to a solo career.

In the late Eighties and early Nineties, Byron was signed to the U.K. based Ardent record label.

During this period, Byron had several underground hits including 'I've Been In Love', 'You Don't Even Know' and 'Look To Me For Love' (all popular on the real soul scene in the U.K.).

At the same time as he was having success in the U.K., Byron was working alongside many artists, in the U.S., including The Bradley Young Orchestra, Vocalpoynt, Malachi Thompson ('47th Street', 1993), Ron Haynes and The Bill O'Connell Chicago Skyline Band.

Byron has an impressive list of soul artists that he has sung background vocals for in the past.

These include Ben E.King, Phil Perry, and Vesta Williams.

One close friend of Byron's was the late Garry Glenn.

Byron told me that his composition, 'Caught Up In The Rapture', was originally intended for the Isley Brothers but was intercepted by Anita Baker and the rest is history.

Now signed to Omnibus Records in the U.S. Byron is about to release a single entitled 'You Are Here Tonight' b/w 'Work Of Art'.

An album entitled 'His Name Is' was set for a release in 2001.

The CD was dedicated to Byron's mother, Angie L. Woods, who sadly passed away in 1998 at the age of 76.

We would like extend to Byron and his family our sympathies.

Of Byron, Karl M. Perteet (President of Omnibus Records) writes:

'Listen to how he slides from his natural to his falsetto. Listen to his unique interpretations. You'll see that he has a style all of his own. You will appreciate his talent and then I can say....I told you so'.

High praise indeed.

The album 'In The Land Of Smooth' was released, on the U.K. based Expansion label, in 2004.

Byron died in December 2023 at the age of 68.

Byron Woods


Real Player

Albums / Singles:

As Onstage:

Who You Really Are / Hooked On Your Love (SOC Records 1983)

She's A Lady (Of The Night) / Mix (JS Records 1985)

I'll Give My Best / Why (Omnibus Records 1986)

Alibi / Come On Thru (Omnibus Records 1997)


I've Been In Love (Ardent Records)

You Don't Even Know (Ardent Records)

Look To Me For Love (Ardent Records)

Work Of Art / You Are Here Tonight (Omnibus Records 1998)

His Name Is (Omnibus Records 2001)

Also appears on 12" releases with Steve 'Spinnin' Santoyo:

Music Together (Underground Construction Records 1997)

I Want You / Work Of Art (Underground Construction Records 1998)

In The Land Of Smooth (Expansion Records 2004)

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