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c.j. & co

C.J. & Co

C.J. & Co were formed in 1977, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

They disbanded in 1979.

Signed to the Westbound distribution outlet of Atlantic Records, C.J. & Company comprised of:

Cornelius Brown Jr

Joni Tolbert

Connie Durden

Curtis Durden


Charles Clark

Devil's Gun

C.J. & Co scored immediately with the dancefloor winner 'Devil's Gun', the title track from the same titled set that also included the excellent mid-tempo 'Free To Be Me'.

The group were the brainchild of Dennis Coffey, who along with Mike Theodore, produced the group's first set.

Dennis Coffey was amongst Detroit's main session players of the 60's & 70's and is respected in his own right for his rare groove offering 'Scorpio'.

'We Got Our Own Thing' followed on from their initial single, however, the song was less successful.

The album was recorded in the P A C 3 Recording Company in Dearborn in Michigan.

Dennis CoffeyEarl Van Dyke

dennis coffey & earl van dyke

Ex Motown keyboardist, Earl Van Dyke was also involved in the sessions.

In 1978, Westbound released the group's second album, 'Deadeye Dick', which was also produced by Dennis Coffey and Mike Theodore.

That album was less successful and the group went their seperate ways shortly afterwards, although the groups vocalists also sang on Mike Theodore's own album offering, 'Cosmic Wind'.

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Devil's Gun (Westbound Records 1977)

Deadeye Dick (Westbound Records 1978)

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