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the capitols

The Capitols

Formed in 1962, The Capitols originally comprised of:

Donald Norman Storball (guitar, vocals)

Richard Mitchell McDougall (d. 19th February 1984, U.S.A. - keyboards, vocals)

Samuel George (b. 1st October 1942 U.S.A. d. 17th March 1982, U.S.A. - drums, lead vocals).


Ralph Julius Jones (d. 2012, U.S.A.)

The Capitols are, probably, best remembered for their 1966 dance classic ‘Cool Jerk’.

They hailed from Detroit, and were formed in 1962.

The group were, originally, known as the Three Caps.

In their early days, they performed at a show which featured the singer Barbara Lewis.

At the gig they met Ollie McLaughlin, her producer and owner of the Karen record imprint.

The CapitolsThe Capitols

dog & cat b/w the kick - 1963

Ollie McLaughlin handled the Capitols' 1963 debut single ‘Dog and Cat’ b/w ‘The Kick’, which wasn’t successful, resulting in the group folding for a while.

After a three year period, Ollie McLaughlin took a call informing him that the Capitols had re-formed.

The group had a new song entitled ‘Cool Jerk’ which followed the latest dance music trends at the time.

Studio time was set aside for the record, which was released on the Karen imprint in 1966.

The CapitolsThe Capitols

dance the cool jerk - 1966 / we got a thing - 1966

Recorded at Golden World Studios in Detroit that year, and featured the Motown house band The Funk Brothers.

‘Cool Jerk’ b/w ‘Hello Stranger’ became a top ten hit, reaching number 2 of the R&B charts.

The Capitols decided to record purely dance themed songs.

These included ‘Zig Zaggin’ b/w ‘I Got To Handle It’, ‘We Got a Thing That's in a Groove’ b/w ‘Tired Running From You’, 1967's ‘Cool Pearl’ b/w ‘Don’t Say Maybe Baby’ and 1968’s ‘Afro Twist’ b/w ‘Cool Jerk ’68 Instrumental’.

Karen Records issued three final singles, 1968's ‘Ain't That Terrible’ b/w ‘Soul Brother, Soul Sister’, 1969's ‘When You're in Trouble’ b/w ‘Soul Soul’ and the Donald Storball penned ‘I Thought She Loved Me’ b/w ‘When You're in Trouble’.

The Capitols went their separate ways at the end of the Sixties.

Donald Storball served as a Detroit policeman in the Highland Park, Michigan, Police Department.

Sam George was fatally stabbed in a domestic dispute in 1982.

He was just 39 at the time of his death.

Richard McDougall died on the 19th of February 1984, from unknown causes.

The Rock artist, Todd Rundgren, included his own version of ‘Cool Jerk’ as part of a Soul medley on his ‘A Wizard, A True Star’ album.

The Capitols

Real Player


Dance The Cool Jerk (Atco Records 1966)

We Got A Thing (Atco Records 1966)

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