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carmen lundy

Carmen Lundy

b. Carmen Lundy, 1st November 1954, Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

The sister of bassist Curtis Lundy, Miami-born singer Carmen Lundy started singing, inspired by her mother's lead role in a gospel group, the Apostolic Singers, in her church junior choir.

In her teens, she performed as part of a vocal duo, Steph and Tret, and made her first recording.

After studying at Miami University, she moved to New York in 1978 where she worked with Ray Barretto and formed her own trio in 1980, using such pianists as John Hicks and Onaje Gumbs.

Her inital release caused a minor storm in the U.K. with the title track being especially sought after.

Lundy recorded for Blackhawk (1987) and Sony (1988) and appeared in the plays 'Sophisticated Ladies' and 'They Were All Gardenia's', portraying Billie Holiday in the latter.

In 1991, she moved to Los Angeles and has since recorded for Arabesque (1992) and JVC.

1997's 'Old Devil Moon' contained the track 'You're Not In Love' which received a lot of airplay, in the U.K., at the time.

World tours, festival appearances, club dates and many recordings followed, her pianists alone a who's who of US keyboard talent: Don Pullen, John Hicks, Mulgrew Miller, Kenny Kirkland, Marian McPartland have all played with her.

Although open to the influences of folk, R & B and pop, Carmen Lundy (who seems on the brink of much greater recognition in the mid-'90's) is a very diverse performer.

As well as being a highly respected singer, Carmen Lundy has also acted as lead in the theatre, become involved in various educational projects, and has her paintings exhibited in both New York and Los Angeles.

'This Is Carmen Lundy' was released in 2001, followed by 'Something To Believe In' in 2004 and 'Come Home' in 2008.

Oil On Canvas Carmen Lundy

self portrait by carmen lundy

Real Player


Good Morning Kiss (Black Hawk Records 1985)

Moment to Moment (Arabesque Records 1991)

Self Portrait (JVC Records 1994)

Old Devil Moon (JVC Records 1997)

This Is Carmen Lundy (Justin Time Records 2001)

Something To Believe In (Justin Time Records 2004)

Come Home (Afrasia Productions 2008)

Changes (Afrasia Productions 2012)

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