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b. Cheryl Week Norton, 11th October 1958, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Cherrelle was played and toured with Michael Henderson and his band.

She has recorded duets with Alexander O'Neal, including 'Saturday Love', in 1985, 'Never Knew Love Like This', in 1986, and 'Baby Come To Me', in 1997.

Cherrelle is the cousin of the singer Pebbles.


fragile - 1984 / high priority - 1985 / affair - 1988 / the woman I am - 1991


the right time - 1999

Real Player


Fragile (Tabu Records 1984)

High Priority (Tabu Records 1985)

Affair (Tabu Records 1988)

The Woman I Am (A&M Records 1991)

The Right Time (Power Records 1999)

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