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chris walker

Chris Walker

b. Christopher Walker, Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Chris Walker spent his childhood in Houston, playing gospel music.

He moved to New York City, where he became Ornette Coleman's bass player for two and a half years.

He then toured with Regina Belle, where he soon became her musical director.

When Regina noticed his fine voice, she gradually worked his vocals into her shows.

Chris credits her for teaching him to find his voice.

'First Time', his solo debut, yielded two Top Five R & B hits, 'Giving You All My Love' and 'Take Time' (which cracked the Top 30 in pop).

The more discerning soul stations, gave 'Make Me Feel' extensive airplay.

The album was produced by Nick Martinelli and had artistic input from Betty Wright.

'Sincerely Yours' (1993) was the follow-up

Both albums were released on Pendulum / ERG.

Chris has thus far not managed to score a huge hit, but has fine technique, especially on the ballad front.

Since 1993, he has taken a low musical profile.

Real Player


First Time (Pendulum Records 1991)

Sincerely Yours (Pendulum Records 1993)

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