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chuck cissel

Chuck Cissel

b. Charles S. Cissel, 3rd October 1948, Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

Chuck was the first black member of the Tulsa Little Theatre, and danced in the company's production of South Pacific.

He was seen by an Oklahoma oil baron who offered to finance Chuck's entire college education!

After studying dance and drama at the University of Oklahoma, he won a Best Actor award in 1970 for his role in 'Your Own Thing'.

He landed big parts on and off Broadway in the casts of 'A Chorus Line', 'Purlie' and 'Hello Dolly', as well as working in the lucrative advertisement market.

While shooting a TV commercial for Coke in Atlanta, Chuck met Larkin Arnold, who signed him to Arista after hearing a demo of three of his songs.

Chuck CisselChuck Cissel

cisselin' hot - 1979 / if i had my way - 1982

His first album 'Cisselin' Hot' (1979), included the American hit 'Just For You' and 'Do You Believe' which was popular with U.K. soul fans.

A second Arista album, 'If I Had The Chance' (including 'Love Is Missing From Our Lives') was released in 1982.

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Cisselin' Hot (Arista Records 1979)

If I Had The Chance (Arista Records 1982)

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