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chuck jackson

Chuck Jackson

b. Charles Jackson, 22nd July 1937, Latta, South Carolina, U.S.A.

Real Player



I Don't Want To Cry (Wand Records 1961)

Any Day Now (Wand Records 1962)

Encore (Wand Records 1963)

Chuck Jackson On Tour (Wand Records 1964)

Mr. Everything (Wand Records 1965)

with Maxine Brown:

Saying Something (Wand Records 1965)


A Tribute To Rhythm And Blues (Wand Records 1966)

A Tribute To Rhythm And Blues Vol. 2 (Wand Records 1966)

with Maxine Brown:

Hold On We're Coming (Wand Records 1966)


Dedicated To The King (Wand Records 1966)

The Early Show (Wand Records 1967)

Chuck Jackson Arrives (Motown Records 1968)

Goin' Back To Chuck Jackson (Motown Records 1969)

Teardrops Keep Falling On My Heart (Motown Records 1970)

Through All Times (ABC Records 1974)

Needing You, Wanting You (All Platinum Records 1975)

The Great Chuck Jackson (Bulldog Records 1977)

I Wanna Give You Some Love (EMI America Records 1980)

After You (EMI America Records 1980)

with Cissy Houston:

I'll Take Care Of You (Shanachie Records 1992)

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