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Los Angeles-based group Collage comprised:

Richard Aguon (drums / vocals)

Dean Boysen (trumpet)

Emilio Conesa (guitar / vocals)

Kirk Crumpler (bass / keyboards)

Albert DeGracia (keyboards)

Ruben Laxamana (sax / vocals)

Melecio Magdaiuyo (sax)

Lee Peters (lead vocals)

Larry White (guitar / synths)


Ross Wilson (trombone / trumpet)

The name of the group was derived from the different ethnic backgrounds of the members.


do you like our music? - 1981 / get in touch - 1983


shine the light - 1985

In the early to mid-'80's they recorded for Solar where they worked with producer Nicholas Caldwell of The Whispers on 'Do You Like Our Music?' (including 'Groovin' and 'When You Smile') 'Get In Touch' (1983) and 'Shine The Light' (1985) including 'Romeo Where's Juliet?' (U.K. Top 50).

Real Player


Do You Like Our Music? (Solar Records 1981)

Get In Touch (Solar Records 1983)

Shine The Light (Solar Records 1985)

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