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congress alley

Congress Alley

Congress Alley were a group out of New York City. They comprised of:

Lee Andrews (vocals) (b. Arthur Lee Andrew Thompson, 2nd June 1936, Goldsboro, North Carolina, U.S.A. d. 16th March 2016, U.S.A.)

Jacqui Andrews (Lee's wife) (vocals)

Richard Booker (vocals)


Karen Briscoe (vocals)

Congress Alley were a group named after a song by the group called Orpheus.

Orpheus recorded the song on a self titled album for MGM Records in 1968, which was penned by the songwriter Steve Martin.

The song of the same name has seen a resurgence of interest, mainly due to the U.K. deejay Norman Jay MBE airing the tune at his Notting Hill Carnival stage, held annually in West London.

The song features on Norman's album 'Norman Jay MBE Presents Good Times London'.

Congress AlleyCongress Alley

Congress Alley's only album release was recorded at New York City's Media Sound Studio's, engineered by Jeff Lesser and produced by Vinniy Testa.

The album featured the title song and 'Are you looking'.

Congress Alley

The group also released a single of the title song (AV-4610) 'God Save America' (AV-4616) and 'God Bless The Children' (AV-4610).

Lee Andrews and the Hearts

Lee Andrews (centre) and the Hearts. circa 1957

Prior to the formation of the group, Lee Andrews had his own group during the late Fifties, entitled Lee Andrews and the Hearts.

The line-up comprised of Ted Weems, Butch Curry, Lee Andrews, Roy Calhoun and Wendell Calhoun.

They recorded the songs 'The Fairest', 'Tear Drops' and 'Try The Impossible'.

Real Player


Congress Alley (Avco Embassy Records 1973. No: AV-11009-598)

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